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for Breaking Brian Deacon

4/19/2009 c23 2SweetNessa326
i really loved your story...though i was heartbroken about how Maggie just left Brian...i really really really hope there's a part 2...cuz i just wouldn't take it if things just ended the way they did...keep on writing
4/19/2009 c1 Perpetual Romantic
I cannot BELIEVE they didn't end up together! They are MEANT for each other, and if Brian was able to basically stalk Maggie for 13 years, he would make it work!
4/19/2009 c24 2akaCHEEKS
ughh! you suck! i stayed up and everything for this story. but then i do agree with you when you say that in reality, relationships don't often end like most of the romance stories we read on here. but it would have been nice for brian and maggie. they were just too cute to pass up! what the heck man? i truly believed that they were soul mates. they should have just ran away when maggie suggested it. jeez. and mr. deacon is an asshole on a whole different level man.
4/18/2009 c24 marais
If you ever write a sequel, I recommend you set it years later - post college. A role reversal. Brian's never gotten over losing Maggie. He was completely broken by the relationship, but eventually managed to pull himself together. Now distrustful of women, Maggie especially, and has never really committed to a relationship since their breakup. Maybe he is now an Olympic swimmer. Maggie meets up with him professionally - maybe she is a reporter? Or Gretchen is and arranges a meeting. Now it's Maggie's turn to win over Brian. Doing so without ever revealing the real reason for the break up. What happens after that...?
4/16/2009 c20 Much.Ado.About.Books
GRR. You tricked me. I was almost about to deal with it! Okay, well, I guess them staying together works. Maybe it won't work after all. When does dating in secret work?
4/16/2009 c19 Much.Ado.About.Books
You totally nailed the awkward freak-out-on-the-inside dinner feeling in the beginning of this chapter. That did it for me. Great writing.

I've been freaking out from when I started to love Brian because I'd read all the chapter titles and it seemed that there was no way it would end with them together. I am SO SO grateful that you...I don't know, it was like this chapter made me still love him, but not so desperately, horribly, like Brian-if-i-have-to-live-without-you...well-i-won't. I'm kind of happy it seems they're about to break up. It's so weird.

Well, on to my reading. I officially love this story. I just don't think I could read it again. Don't worry, it's a compliment :) I'm different that way.
4/15/2009 c23 2morgan1992
i love this story i really cant wait for you to start writin part 2...the ending was so sad and really hope they work it out in part two..because i really dont want to be cry me eyes out like i 12 year gal who'd been dumoped for the first time lol

any thanx for writing the story..please hurry up and start the next


morgan :)
4/13/2009 c1 2Ponder000
i thought 6year olds were suppose to be more ...dumb? like less smart and vile. shes quite demeaning for a lil 6yo
4/13/2009 c24 iamhann
i hope theres part two to thing, you cant just leave me hanging on sadness like that :/
4/9/2009 c24 lets imagine that
Okay, I certainly did not raed this before I reviewed. But I agree, now that I've thought about it, the ending does fit the title really well. And I do think that you should at least write an epilogue, if not a Part Two.

Again, I loved this story and you deserve a standing ovation, haha. :)
4/9/2009 c23 lets imagine that
Wow. That was really one of the saddest endings I've ever read. Sad, like about-to-cry-sad. Not sad like... bad sad. But anyway, I really liked this story. And I hate how they broke up in the end, but it fits the story. So I want to congratulate you on writing this fantastic novel, and I hope Part Two will be coming soon :)
4/8/2009 c24 1KarmaC
This story was absolutely fantastic! I loved reading it. Brian is totally the perfect guy, and I would almost pick him over your character Ryan (almost, I'm a sucker for bad boys). You made me fall for Brian, though, through his quirky ways and the fact that he had a swim team body (none of the guys on my school's swim team look like that, but hey...) I cannot wait to continue reading your stuff!
4/7/2009 c23 1clear vision
after reading some of the other reviews, i do agree with the fact that the ending was rather abrupt. i think the only reason why i didn't notice it earlier because i was too caught up with everything. see, because your intention wasn't to make that the actual end, it didn't allow the readers to receive closure from the story in general. now i'm not saying that you have to actually write a part 2 because i understand that you're just not at the same stance as when you were writing this but i think an epilogue is necessary-for the characters, for your story, and also for us readers. please take writing an epilogue into consideration!
4/7/2009 c24 clear vision
as much as it breaks my heart to say this, i agree, i think the way you ended is perfect for the story (though not for your readers, haha). and it does go along perfectly with the title, it's very ironic actually. at first, i thought it just meant to breaking his stalking ways and all that sorts-and in a way it does. but then it turns into a whole other different meaning-breaking his heart. shit, dude. that sucks.

i really enjoyed this! great job.
4/7/2009 c17 clear vision
no talk of colleges?
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