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9/26/2009 c7 1three.little.words
Your story is hilarious! Please update :)
7/19/2008 c5 soyesterday
hey! she finally broke up with Ben! your writing style is different and i really like it.

update soon!
7/8/2008 c5 37Howling Cat
This is adorable :) I love Angelica's point of view and her sarcasm is hilarious. And I love Phoebe and Colton, too.

Please update soon!
6/14/2008 c4 1MademoiselleS
this story is really good and funny and i can't wait for the next chapter
5/30/2008 c3 3readingismything
hey! the chapter was...how do i say...interesting actually...the convos are good but more thought would help. it's like i didn't even come to know when the chapter ended - i mean, it shouldn't be slow but...i think i am rambling now.

update soon!
5/28/2008 c3 11Seisaset
i really like this story please update soon :)
5/4/2008 c1 3Nereids
Seemed interesting so far. Update soon!
5/3/2008 c1 soyesterday
it seems interesting. update!
5/2/2008 c1 Tainted Seance
I find this story very interesting so far. The whole beginning setting is enough to keep me reading and the plot sounds well thought out. Also, your grammar is also practically flawless. I hope to see more of this story soon.
5/2/2008 c1 9Sally Can Wait
Ah. :D I really like this. Even though it's only the first chapter, all of your characters have managed to be really unique. And you write very intelligently. I am impressed. :D I'll be looking for updates.

Sally :D

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