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for Church Hypocrisy

2/7/2010 c1 6Garrett Harbinger
I agree with what you are saying! Also I am proud that a girl at your age is proclaiming the truth. It is a comfort :) Most people our age don't quite understand. I have so much to learn myself. But thank you for posting this story.
5/24/2008 c1 flawlessangel08
Although I myself am not religous I have had some of the same thoughts too. The problem is that Christians are not like mother Teresa anymore. If murders want redemtion they need to be good people not just believe in god.It seems ilogical and unfair that bad people can go to heaven because they say sorry to god, but good people who are not religous apparantely go to hell. If the churches want more people to be involved in their religon they need to stop saying god with save you (This implies non christians are going to hell and is very offensive.)instead say God loves you. Churches do do some good things but are out shone by the christains that do bad or are hateful and cannot accept that some people are gay and or have different religions to them.

Religion is suppose to be about family,togetherness and love.
5/22/2008 c1 22hybrid calling

A lot of non-Christian Americans these days have a very low opinion of Christians, because some "Christians" have been acting in childish, hateful, and hypocritical ways. I think my church is fairly good about not being hypocritical and judgmental, but obviously there's always room for improvement.

We should start a revolution of the Spirit.
5/11/2008 c1 6Twin Mustang
actually, i have left my old church for one that is more concerned with God than they are with themselves. it's not perfect, but it's better. i wrote this out of frustration with my old church. i have voiced my opinion. almost everyone there [it's a really small church] knows how i feel about that church in general. it's not like they care.
5/11/2008 c1 12joyful-soul3
I agree with you so much. The Christian Church needs some help. Back when my parents were first engaged, they were in this college thing called the Way International. Anyway, if you go to the website it says in "What is the Way?" at one point:

For God’s plan in His Word to be made known requires someone teaching it to willing students— those who want to know.

You can't teach the Word of God to people who don't want to know. But like you said, the church isn't really reaching out to people. I think you should either make a statement to your church, go to another church, or break off from the church completely. That doesn't mean that you should stop believing. But like what me and my family do, we have our own fellowships and we reach out to people by ourselves. Like at work, my family (mostly my dad) will talk to their co-workers about God's Word and they listen. We're reaching out to them by love and it's making a difference. So I really think you should do something. Because, like Barack Obama (I really think he's a great guy) said, "One voice can change a room. And if it can change a room, it can change a city. If it can change a city, it can change a state. If it can change a state, it can change a nation. And if it can change a nation, it can change a world." I think that if you tried, God could help you change your church.
5/9/2008 c1 MoonfireSpam23
I completely agree. Christians these days are frustrating as crap. That's why my Dad has chosen to not retire in the state where all my relatives live in. All the people there are so bloody arrogant and whiny.
5/9/2008 c1 Taney
I think that you make some good points. I also think it's unfortunate that you, along with many people that I personally know, have this opinion of church. There are many churches more concerned with worldly issues than Godly issues, that's for sure. And it's a real shame. I've only ever attended two churches in my life, but I can tell you that my first church consisted of such a snobby crowd - or seemingly snobby crowd - that all my family felt comfortable doing was hiding in the back row of the balcony. This left a bad taste in my mouth, but there ARE churches who have their priorities straight, trust me. I have been fortunate enough to find one.

Have you voiced your concerns in your church? Maybe the congregation needs a reality check; maybe there are other members, like you, who are sick of the hypocrisy and long for change. Speak up. It may be difficult, but it's the right thing to do. You have a responsibility to your church family, whether they want to listen to it or not. If things don't change, leave that church and find another one. Ask God to lead you to a church that is truly dedicated to serving Him and upholding His principles. He won't let you down!
5/8/2008 c1 989East-0f-Eden
I can't tell if you're trying to be passionate or ironic. But either way I like your style.

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