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12/26/2013 c1 serwaverider
Great ending.
12/16/2013 c23 InsanityAndBeyond
WHY have I fallen in love with a story that hasn't been updated in two years. why do I do this to myself? Now I'm going to be sat here wondering forever.
You've probably moved onto a ton of other things etc, bt PLEASE find the time to finish this, it's amazing.
11/29/2013 c23 2PrincessofAtlantis
11/25/2013 c23 randomperson
WOULD YOU BLOODY UPDATE? Yes, that was meant to be dramatical.
11/9/2013 c1 6Originally Pristine
[Two years later] Still waiting in front of a screen. Constantly refreshing. . . . Can't look away. Author might update. . . .

No water. No food. [Refreshes page again]

[Refreshes page again and again into the night]
10/31/2013 c1 Merry Amelie
Dear Milk Bottle,

Thank you very much for creating such a unique character in Quinn. I love his prickliness and arrogance. Elliot just has to open his eyes for them to become a couple, and it looks like he's well on his way.

It would be so wonderful to see them get together...

Your story is the 'cream' of the crop.

Merry Amelie
10/31/2013 c19 2Spidereyes

I am not 'The Milk Bottle' and I have never met them, but because this story hasn't been updated in forever and I wanted it to have an ending, I decided to kind of ghost write the continuation of the story. I hope to do 'The Milk Bottle' justice. Please tell me what you think of it! :D
10/26/2013 c23 When is the funeral
So it's been 3 years since your last update so you leave me no choice but to suspect that you're a gonna (a victim of the grim reaper)...okay seriously now can you just update the friggin story the way im in love with your story
10/19/2013 c1 lolas1234
The "Where the fuck is the milk?" line got me, spot on. I dunno why. Maybe I like profanity. Yeah, that's probably accurate.

I've read this story a few years ago, but I've decided to comment now 'cause I've recently created an account here. You're a very talented writer (cliché thing to say, I know, sorry) and I like your work. It's funny, witty, well-written with a sweet dash of life. Your characters are believable and entertaining; it's like watching a TV series. I very much appreciate your hard work and I simply love this! :)
10/13/2013 c23 5LizLizLiz
Please update? I've been here since the beginning and have been dying for the last two years! Ah! I just (today) re-read the entire thing and it's just as amazing as I remembered it. Please consider continuing this wonderful story!
10/6/2013 c23 2Lumissa
Wow just awesome 'w' I read all the chapters in one go and fell in love with the plot and characters right away. Though sometimes I feel like facepalming for ellioth and Quinn. Dear lord these stupid and adorable love sick fools I hope u haven't abandoned the story just Yeats even though it's over two years now... I rly wantto know what's gonna happen next keep it going!
9/28/2013 c23 Wait What
Why didn't you finish this? Cue major puppy dog eyes, please.
Your calcium deficient friend,
Wait What
9/28/2013 c23 11ImmanenceEnsured
To the milk bottle,

I have to say, my Oreos have been considerably lonely without your creamy, white presence, though I've never in my life touched any Oreos. They are American, and to be honest they don't look too yummy. It's the cookie-sandwich thing, it does not appeal to me. My life was already pretty incomplete without the dunk and the twist - not to mention the lick - but the absence of updates on this story really does make ones oatmeal taste soggy and bad. Maybe I should try one of those Oreos.

Your calcium deficient friend,
9/22/2013 c23 Habloogah
I just reread the series and I still love it 3 years later.
I know you're probably never going to update this story, but I just want to leave a little note that I think this story great. I hope you're still writing in general!
8/27/2013 c23 seraphire
omg i pretty much read your story all in one go even though it said you haven't updated in 2 years BUT IT WAS AMAZING AND SO WORTH IT lkasdjflaksdfj I love Elliot so much and Quinn is just amazing and I really hope you update this story I'll wait for it gahh but don't feel pressured to omg thanks for writing this awesome story!
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