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12/26/2018 c23 Hirosikata
I keep hoping that you'll update this story. It's so fun and dynamic to read. It's been years, so I'd imagine that your writing style has changed a bit, but it seems like such a shame that there is no ending to this. It's such a rollercoaster between these two and I probably read it once a year, hoping to finally see the ending of it. Even if you don't finish it here, I feel like this is such a publishable story. I'd definitely pay to read it. Here's hoping that with the new year comes new writing inspiration!
11/7/2018 c23 somersaultkick
the milk bottle where are you? I'm still desperately waiting for an update. T_T
10/21/2018 c23 2BzhADT
Gotta say, I actually really liked this ending. I spent a large part of this story hating Elliott, first for being oblivious, then for being utterly incapable of introspection, etc... etc... and finally because he's indecisive and imprecise and that genuinely hurts people, especially Quinn, so basically fuck Elliott, he's not actually a real grown-up person, so his persistent expectation of a relationship should remain unfulfilled
10/10/2018 c23 m
To the milk bottle,

I must say, my Oreos have been extremely lonely without your creamy, white presence. It's been 7 years and I'm still restlessly waiting for your return.

No blaming, no shaming for leaving us cliff-hanging for all this time, promise.

"Don't read and run," you said.
Now I say, "Don't write and just run."

Please come back.
We miss you.

Your calcium deficient friend,
9/20/2018 c23 8PinkHart
It’s been several years so I probably shouldn’t bother reviewing. But it was nice while it lasted
8/23/2018 c23 lks
You know, I knew they’d be interrupted.

The only thing is, I’m quite annoyed at Rosh for interrupting considering this is the last chapter you wrote. Fml. How will my sweet boy get his happy ending?
8/23/2018 c22 lks
Oh Quinn! You go, baby; you’re so right. Why should you be the only one putting in work? Also please let me kiss you forever. That vulnerability that shows in two words “that’s it?” KILLED me
8/23/2018 c20 lks
“no Quinn because do we seriously need him in every chapter” yes. Please. My child. I love him.
8/23/2018 c17 lks
I am so freaking sad for Quinn right now. I honestly don’t know why he likes Elliot so much but honestly, Elliot doesn’t deserve him. I love Quinn. I know he’d never let me, but all I want to do is wrap him up in blankets, make him a cup of tea, and kiss him on the forehead. My poor sweet summer child.
8/1/2018 c23 Talil
This was a trap! I looked at this story, looked at the reviews and thought 'hell yeah!'. I noticed the absence of the small "completed" at the top but I ignored it thinking that a story with this many reviews will definitely update regularly. Now here I am, full of disappointment and regret cuz I missed that 'last udated: 2011'. Something are just not ment to be. I'm so sad right now.. bye Elliot and Quin.
6/10/2018 c23 spicychicken
pls come back i am pregnant with ur child
4/26/2018 c23 Hinako
Jesus Christ, its been so long since I've read this... and I regret it for all the wrong reasons!

Its 2018 now, but I feel the same chills as I did in 2014. Alooot can change during 4 years, trust me. There's obviously not going to be any updates, but damn, can't help this wishful thinking. Kudos to you, Milk Bottle. I really admire how well executed this all is...
Getting my hopes up for a happy ending only for it to end shorter than intended, oh my lord, my heart feels like its breaking. The poor boys.

Hope your alive and well,
I'll keep on checking at least once every year, because it hurts to let this go.
2/14/2018 c23 Guest
Evil bitch leavin me on a 7 year cliffhanger. I’m serious man. This is bull. Here are my demands as payment: you finish the damn story with them together again all happy and shit. THEN you do me a rewrite of the first arc in Quinn’s point of view. Also I want a package of oreos. That is all
11/27/2017 c23 Zoey
Pleasepleasepleeeasse update this... :(
9/24/2017 c23 Guest
Dear milk bottle, I recently just read your story, and damn, it was one of the best fictions I read. I got super excited about the story. I got to chapter 23, and I thought that was the ending, but to my distress, it was not. I checked the last updated info on the top and it said: 2011. Oh man, 6 years ago! Oh milk bottle, will my unsatisfied thirst be quenched?
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