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6/7/2016 c1 Star-Crossed Stranger
You, the milk bottle, have ruined my life. How could you do that?! The feels! But otherwise from the end, it was awesome.
6/1/2016 c15 Guest
I'm portuguese, so, if you need stuff translated i may be able to help...
5/30/2016 c5 unnative writer
Sometimes i wanna punch people, but i still have something people like to call "conscience", so i don't usually get to do it. Now, because of your little outcome about how "we shouldn't expect much", and "there's just a little bit of drama here and there", i nearly drooped this fanfic, and i'm still kinda unsure who i wish to punch right now, but i freaking do.
So, just sayin, if it weren't for the freaking "where's the fucking milk?" I don't think i would have gotten deep in the, as i prefer to call it, amazing piece of awesomeness you decided to create.
Never reading initial notes or synopsis again, because damn.. I can't believe i nearly missed this...
The best fanfiction I've read in months, and i usually read tons of it, like, really, tons of it. I'm really loving, appreciating, adoring, cheering, and so on, your writing.
Also, you can start getting scared, for i think you just got yourself a stalker
5/22/2016 c23 10Brttny98
I've been going through my old fiction press favorited-stories folder and I keep finding unfinished stories! This one too, hasn't been touched since 2011. Ugh.
I feel like I'm just talking into the world wide web right now but I've been waiting (though I admit I forgot for a good while) for this story to be completed - and I'm BEGGING you and the internet gods, that maybe you're still using this email, and that you'll get notified that someone still really wants to know how this ends.
PLease finish this story! I am really committed to it and ughhh it's been a very long time and I would even recomend publishing it - I would buy it if only I would be able to finally know the end of the story!
5/20/2016 c23 Bob
This was really good, a shame you haven't updated in yearrssss
5/13/2016 c23 Anonymous
Perhaps real life had taken over.
Perhaps you've lost inspiration.
And it's been six years.
Thank you for writing Quinn and Elliot's story.
I think I can accept it like this too; them suspended in the middle of their story. Because even if there is no resolution, Quinn is Quinn and Elliot is Elliot - it's like I can imagine who they are and what they'll do.
But I am a bit... disappointed... that you've completely disappeared. I'm quite amazed that your writing skills were left untouched! Or perhaps your job is related to writing? Hahaha, I think I'd definitely read your books if you became an author.
Thank you again... for writing this wonderful story. :)
(I don't think I'll stop thinking about it for a long time. I read the whole thing in one sitting!)

4/2/2016 c23 Wordyma
Wha? But. But. But. Sad face
3/29/2016 c23 Guest
AMAZING. This story is truly amazing. I wish I could write like this. From the depth of the characters to the trasitioning of each scene. It just leaves you breathless waiting for more. I love the fact that while Elliot is learning little bits and pieces about Quinn, he's still just as clueless as he was from the beginning. And I really feal for Quinn loving such an airheaded person. But yes I really really enjoyed this story. Non stop reading until I was done. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of epic art with us.
3/16/2016 c1 Nivayu
Soooo I binge read this and I am totally destroyed by a lack of resolution. Poor Quinn. Poor chuck. And poor Elliott, one day he will regret his entire life. Please come back and finish it, there was something here.
2/13/2016 c23 3Fryvi
I'm guessing you won't be finishing this? But I still enjoyed it while it lasted! I've been reading it all day x) I'll just have to make up my own ending in my head!
1/27/2016 c23 VJ
Hey you... The person whose obsessed with milk bottle... You come back here and finish the story. Pretty please. Quinn is awsome. Elliott is an idiot. Rosh is funnier version of Elliot, but hes not so oblivious... N i love Valerie n Allison... N i want to see Quinn become a doctor! N ofcourse Quinn n Elliot together.
1/25/2016 c23 Anon
I can't believe it's been five years since you've updated this story. I really love your characterizations, the simple way in which you write that makes the world they live in really come to life. You are a fantastic writer. I hope you return to this, if only to finish it. I feel like it's just a chapter or two away from becoming completed. Again, since it's been five years, I don't know if you even read your reviews, but I'm rooting for you!
11/1/2015 c23 8total.boron
I literally read this entire thing in two days and goddamn, it was the best decision I've ever made. THIS STORY WAS SO GOOD. I greatly admire you for writing this whilst at uni, because I'm at uni as well and I know how mental things can get! All I can say is: thank god I found this story, because it's truly amazing. It was so well-written and your sense of humour is great! I loved all the characters (Quinn was probably the most difficult to love, but I got there). When I reached the end I hoped that you would write more, but then I saw that you last updated in 2011...it was very sad. But, no matter! It was a wonderful story from start to finish and I hope you're doing well!
10/23/2015 c23 Guest
aghhh! I need more
10/18/2015 c23 fae
this is still my favourite story of all time... i always reread it. I really do hope that you're doing well and that maybe one day you will pick this story up again!
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