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3/8/2013 c22 MejraThea
Hello again there, Liz. I just finished reading both of your stories, and I must admit they were wonderful, as good as TRS and BS. They both ended in a way that made me absolutely loath you for ending it, lol. It has been a while since we corresponded, but I look forward to any more stories you put out there!
4/28/2012 c22 2JustNotPerfect24
Suchh an amazing story!
8/24/2010 c22 Ngoc1231
I love how you put A walk to remember in here and his last name is Landon.. although that was Shane's first name in a walk to remember.

And I really like the ending. I thought of prince charming at first also.

I also thought that was so creative of how he asked her to marry him, and it was such a personal thing and just extravagant enough that every girl would have wanted to be you.

Love the story!

11/23/2009 c22 abbsi
Okay, I read the first one and had to read this, the sequel. I think you did a good job in this one of keeping the characters consistent, up to and including the reasons for the break-up and the timing of the make-up. I will mention that there are a lot of deeper issues that you skimmed over, but this fit the tone and feel of the story overall.

You did a good job with this story. :)
11/8/2009 c22 6Country Princess
i read the whole series in a day! it was amazing!
5/29/2009 c22 queenehlana
:D *sniffles* Cute! So very, very cute! :) I'm so happy now! :( But now I have to wait for you to update Fingerprints.. Ah well! I'm glad I read this! It was very cute! Not to mention I loved Ty! :D And Dereck is finally dead! He had it coming... Well very nice! Now you should update Fingerprints! Thankies!

Queen Ehlana
5/23/2009 c22 Night-Rayne
wow, that was such a cute ending, I loved this story
11/12/2008 c22 1Angel-Leigh Jones

great story, i read it all in one setting. I really like the cliffhangers and the way the story ran and its pace.

Great job

10/30/2008 c22 6Navaura
Sorry I'm just reviewing, but I haven't the slightest clue as to how to turn off the spam think for updates and reviews from fictionpress. They just keep coming.

I love the ending. Rock Star ending. Ty skidding through the front door, awesome! Anyway- Great story, Jess and Ty live happily ever after, Yay!

10/29/2008 c22 choc me
Oh wow...the end! Cool story! Ty is an awfully nice guy!

Congrats on finishing the sequel! :)
10/28/2008 c22 9Manga Girl Lover
aw such a cute ending! Though I WAS hoping for more. lol this is really sad but yet it's so good! :D
10/28/2008 c22 19emmerrzz
for both the first and second of these books...holy crap, AMAZING! you have such a good writing style! it's pretty amazing, i must say! and the way he proposed to her...OMG i'm never going to get over that! cutest thing of my life! :P hehe

fantasmic job! btw...i loved the ending!
10/27/2008 c21 emmerrzz
hey...great chapter! i cant wait til the next one! i want to see where he's taking her! lol...fantastic!
10/26/2008 c21 9Manga Girl Lover
Yay! I am so glad she's been found Not Guilty! YAY! and I'm VERY glad that Ty didn't die! :D aw one more chapter? is this the end completely?
10/19/2008 c20 3cutepanda
Love reading your stories as always. I am so glad Ty didn't die!

Waiting for the next chapter~

Fantastic chapter. It's soo sweet!

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