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9/22/2008 c17 9Manga Girl Lover
ah! how in the world can you just leave it at that! you NEED to post quick because I just HAVE to know what's gonna happen next!
9/22/2008 c16 Manga Girl Lover
ah I need a new chapter up now! this is so good and with Derek and all? o the photo shoots... that's so not good! He'll totally come and find her... o I'm so excited for the next chapter! post it soon!
9/19/2008 c16 6Navaura
ahh, the interview went alright, though I didn't get a call back, it's cool though. I'm kind of just enjoying the time I do have to write my story. Anyway, this chapter was vivid in detail. I could actually see the beach, see and hear everything. The only thing I didn't get a clarity of was the argument. It didn't sound like an argument to me, it sounded more like a discussion of disagreeing and pardon my thinking, but I think Jess is kind of selfish in her own way to give up happiness that he's offering so that he can do a job he's not so sure he wants to do anymore. In my humble opinion, I think she should be greatful that he loves her enough to actually want to give up his dream. To love and be loved is far greater than anything else in this world, because material things only can take you so far. Plus I love the fact that Ty's realized that. It speaks of the maturity in his character. So, with these words spoken, I am signing out and letting you know, though it may be taking me longer than I anticipated to review the chapters, I must say that I am trying. With two kids, school a crazy boyfriend, babysitting, and writing of my own, I don't have as much time as I did and speaking of school, I have homework that needs to be completed by Monday. Because I like to put things off to the last minute, I must start now, that way by Monday, it'll be complete.

9/15/2008 c16 choc me
I've started reading the prequel to "open wounds" and as far as I'm concerned, ur writing has gotten better...Both stories are interesting and I haven't really paid attention to mistakes (if any-and if ur into constructive criticism)cause I was rather absorbed by the stories.

But I think I kind of prefer "scars and secrets" cause "open wounds" is a tad mushier..especially with regards to their feelings. But that's just a matter of preference.

That said...update soon!
9/10/2008 c15 2miss's pie
love this chapter, especially with ty and jess together
9/10/2008 c15 6Navaura
I feel you on that one liz. The college thing. I'm kind of excited because I want to go out into the work field. Sorry I mistook it for a beanie. That's what I do. I misread a lot. Sometimes things run together in my head. Anyway, this chapter had me smiling the whole time, and I almost melted when Ty told Jess to tell him she loved him again, just so he could see that it wasn't a dream. The shoot with him and Jess was the wrong idea. Now, her stepdad will find them for sure. I always think ahead, if you know what I mean. Maybe not when it comes to some of the situations I put myself in, but definately when it comes to others. This chapter was great. I'm really excited, cause I got a call from this agency myself for an interview to do some modeling. I feel, magical! Great!

I've been wanting to try modeling since I was twelve, but because of a lot of reasons, I never did, till my boyfriend recommended it four weeks ago. So, I hope I do well, and have "the look" they're looking for or whatever.

Well, that's all.

9/10/2008 c5 choc me
New reader here! I just found this story and so far I'm liking it a lot. Havent read the prequel yet and probably will after reading this one first.

I was wondering abt something: Ty is still pining a lot over Jess after 4 years...why did he break up with her then? Shouldnt he have been more detached? But it's like everything is still fresh for him.
9/8/2008 c1 1AlphaBeatKayGee
This whole series . . .both stories are by far the best I have read on the whole website. They're soo intriguing its really insane. I wish it was still summer so that you could update faster! Every chapter leaves me in suspense. The last chapter to open wounds is def. My fave. I've read it over so many times because I'm a hopeless romantic! Hopefully you update soon [ btw this is my first review for any story and I've read soo many ] thanks for writing these stories...they make me happy!
9/7/2008 c14 6Navaura
shoot ms. collins,

it's about time Jess forgot her own fears, and stepped up to the plate. Ty sounds like he's such a gorgeous guy. Anyway, I think this chapter was pretty good, with a little unsaid humor. Him showing up at her door wearing a ski mask is hilarious. I can imagine her befuttlement. Anyway, good voyaging. Very cool chapter.

9/5/2008 c14 1Jaeiyola
Hurrah. Ty and Jess forever!

I wonder what Ty was thinking when Jess said she wanted to be together with him again. Ahh, wonderful chapter. Can't wait for the drama to start!
9/2/2008 c13 1HisFiestyBeauty
OMG I love this story! Its amazing! I cant wait for more!
9/1/2008 c13 Deeps
cant wait for next chapter.
9/1/2008 c13 Navaura
I'm going to email my comment on the story later, but I have to tell you, today I was on you tube and I was looking up old videos and spotted the first N'sync single, I want you back, and couldn't stop laughing. The video's gay, the clothes are gay, but the vocal harmonies are awesome for the song. They screwed up the song, when they created the video. It's lol funny!"

I swear, you look at it, you'll be like what the heck were they thinking. It's LOL for real!
8/24/2008 c12 HaWtHrOnEhEiGhTsLoVeR
OMG i really starting to love this story. I wonder what will happen between Tyler and Jessica. I hope they get back together. Uh oh derek out of jail that cant be good but i cant wait to see wat happens. Oh yeah will tyler join back up with the band or is he really finished.

PS: Update soon plz
8/23/2008 c12 1Jaeiyola
Woah. Ty's quitting the band? It's his dream. Wow, so much drama.

And Derek's out. Dun-dun-dun.

Can't wait for the next.
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