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for Life Without Love

5/18/2008 c1 23fallenflame13
This is quite a beautiful poem. I love the last line "And I'm walking, dancing - moving on". Good work.
5/14/2008 c1 62BleedTrueBeauty
I like the way this was written. Something about the writing style makes me feel connected. I can relate to this poem, and I like that in a piece.
5/14/2008 c1 15Scarlett Wynter
"and I am walking, dancing - moving on" for someone to be able to not just walk away or walk on with their life, but to actually dance after such heart-wrenching event is really a beautiful and powerful image. nice work. I like the rhyming and the way you broke up the stanzas
5/14/2008 c1 36lisaslife
been there, done that. this is emotionally charged yet well written, nice job.

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