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7/27/2008 c19 14MistyRose14
aw, don't be so hard on yourself (about the content - which was nicely woven, and the legal stuff - eh, i probably know less)! it had a nice, refreshed feeling, especially after all of the exhausting action...but i guess that won't stay for long since Artemis is back. oh well. yet, that means things will speed up again! continue, s.v.p!
7/5/2008 c18 MistyRose14
ooh...nicely suspenseful. for such a short chapter, it had a great impact! i'm eagerly waiting for more!
7/5/2008 c17 MistyRose14
hmm...the chapter 18 alert showed up in my inbox before this one, and when i clicked on it, my internet froze. anyways, this was a fantastic update! i liked the tension, along with the way it was resolved. it left a good feeling with me...

i'm still interested to see what happened to the mother. c chouette!
7/5/2008 c16 MistyRose14
i actually thought it was a good review and exploration of her emotions throughout everything. haha, Nick's work to make her shower almost perfect was really cute to read. although the chapter was short, it had a great impact! continue, s.v.p.!
6/20/2008 c15 MistyRose14
omm (yeah, the marshmallow thing...)! i wonder where her mom is hiding - i don't remember Dorren clarifying whether or not he got her out. this was a great high-intensity chapter! my favorite part was when you described her wandering through the flames. totally awesome!
6/9/2008 c14 MistyRose14
euh...scary! scary! scary! seriously. but, that was great when they got revenge on him (hehe, i'm being extra secretive so i don't give away spoilers). it's great to be caught up...but at the same time, disappointing. this is an awesome, suspenseful, work of fiction!
6/9/2008 c13 MistyRose14
i have one word for you: creepy. honestly, i'm so nervous about what will happen next right now, that i am almost speechless. i have to read this last chapter before i go to bed!
6/9/2008 c12 MistyRose14
uh oh. parts of a secret project hidden inside a child's toy? wow, that's got to be big. no, not big - enormous.
6/9/2008 c11 MistyRose14
wow, she is kind of oblivious to things, huh? well, that's good because then we get more details and stuff. c'est cool!
6/5/2008 c10 MistyRose14
ouch. well that ended in a somewhat rotten way. um, i don't really have much to say about this chapter, other than i liked the little memory at the beginning. it was a nice touch!
6/5/2008 c9 MistyRose14
whoa. wow. oh. my. marshmellow. against a bathroom (hehe, that was the only part that i found. the rest was taken seriously)? must read on!
6/5/2008 c8 MistyRose14
first things first (sorry, this may be random), i believe the milkshake/ice cream thing that comes from Wendy's in chocolate - and now vanilla - is called a Frosty. i kind of feel sorry for Boris and the bicycle. that part reminded me of a movie i saw i long time ago, but i can't remember which one it was...
6/5/2008 c7 MistyRose14
ooh, nice descriptions, fourth paragraph from the end. very vivid, highly specific. it was pleasant to take in... bon travail!
6/5/2008 c6 MistyRose14
hehe, that's what happens when you don't get a visitor's badge from the office. i still can't believe that Kouri agreed to meeting Nick. he seems better now...but there's something about him that i can't really put my finger on...
6/5/2008 c5 MistyRose14
hmm...that will be extremely difficult, because her friends already have a small idea of what's up. i'm curious to read what happens next!
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