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5/23/2008 c1 Isca
Absolutely amazing!
5/19/2008 c1 Courtney
what if that's all you can do? what if you can't gather the strength to stand? ever figure that out? I haven't.
5/18/2008 c1 15Scarlett Wynter
I love this! :D The repetition and way the stanzas are written really added effect and emotion. It made me think about how some people just sit around and wait for their life to change rather than taking action and changing their life themselves. The line "as you binge on loss&negativity" just really struck me, it was a great choice to use the word "binge." Awesome work.
5/18/2008 c1 94AK the Twilight
This poem really was worth reading; it opens your eyes to many of life's shortcomings that never seem to come, and the harsh anticipation of the whole thing became one of the poem's most defining features. While many people could make a dreary and loathing poem, this went into a much more serene tone, something that has to be worth noting.

The "binge on loss and negativity" line was a polarizing one to me. I loved the deep originality and imagery, but it felt a bit too specific, and dare I say, overly dramatic.

This was, however, a great mix of stanza and spirit and worth reading again. Thumbs-up.

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