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for Here We Go Again

7/17/2005 c1 3Myiesha
that was gr8. id love to find out the tune to to it. yehh the chorus was a bit long... but thats hardli a problem since the song was so fantastic! you're a realli gud writer... keep it up!
7/9/2004 c1 17the mouse that roared
While the repetition definetly gets the point across of recurring love, the chorus is a little too long. Maybe talk more about falling in love, being in the middle of it, and then falling out of it, only to begin again. "Here we go again"-but how do you feel about it? Watch for spelling and grammar mistakes, too. Still, I like the whole idea and the song is pretty.
Favorite lines:
"Now when I look at you
Your eyes of the ocean blue
That twinkle
Like stars in the rain
When you look at me
It comes easily
That tought
Here we go again"
"There was so much difference
Between him and I
So much pain and tears
Between the wall of lies
I don't want to love one
Who walks on me
Who knows he denies
Our love"
4/6/2002 c1 5Miss Spinn
Yay! I love it! This is really good! ^.^
3/2/2002 c1 19Andromeda
ohh, that was so good!

"And the sky above us broke

Shattered into rays of glass

Given only splinters of hope

Our love split at last"...I liked that. You used such beautiful similies and imagery, great job!
1/3/2002 c1 confuseddArKkUrU4
10/2/2001 c1 Celestial Angel4
hi, i just kinda ran into your song, and i like it a lot. i was wondering though, when are you going to finish "stone spirit"? i'm kinda waiting for you to update it! :)
4/17/2001 c1 43Carter Tachikawa
Nice! I like it^^
4/14/2001 c1 Chasuka
My GOD! This was breathtaking! Brilliantly written, perfectly executed, and so, SO true ^^;;; Lordy, and my ego was dependent on my songs, there that goes -_-;;;; Keep this kind of writing up, the basic reality and complicated fantasy of this just intertwined so perfectly! In other words, I *really* like it! ^_^
4/13/2001 c1 11Rosekeet
Hi! I didn't think it was bad. I liked it alot. Very sweet. You are a good writer.
4/13/2001 c1 Jewels
that was one of your best ones...you don't suck! you're really good! i like the part when it says "the sky above us broke...". that whole verse was really cool. you're on a roll! keep 'em coming! -Jewels

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