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for The Amazingly Epic Tale of The Review Game!

9/3/2013 c1 1Unxious Custard
Reaction to content specifically requested - does curling over in laughter until my chest caves in count? Brilliant.
2/20/2011 c1 70PoetryQueen
Very cute piece! I love the Review Game Forum!
9/4/2009 c1 5groovi-gal-numba1
12/28/2008 c4 notyourbiz
wow that story is really awesome i wanna try to write a nonsense story but anywho this is really awesome so please update soon
12/25/2008 c1 103Jesse the Storyteller
Why have I not previously read this? Omgwash. Love.

I like that Frac and Reggy have hawt shex to create the RG. That's fricking fitting.

11/16/2008 c4 5karma-dollie
Marvelous! Bravo! Great fight scenes. They're fast paced, but I can still follow the action. And it's a good, deep, zany tale with deception and hot gods. Always good.

I love Kylie's Lazy Noodling and the bazooka! But everyone ought to know to always keep your weapon on you. Especially something as awesome as a bazooka. Putting it down is automatic foreshadowing of someone else picking it up, namely someone you don't want to have it. But thank Reggy for Lucy and the awesome abs. Oh, pardon me. Abdominals. ;) No need to replace the shirt.

I wish I had been around RG long enough that perhaps I could guess the cronies and have a better understanding of all that was going on. But that's okay because it's great all the same and I'm still following it easily. Like a story. Like a bible story. :D *is eagerly awaiting another chapter*
11/16/2008 c4 Fractured Illusion

Sorry! I am here now Lefty! No despair, you can update now after this (hint hint!)

"Lefty sidestepped his attack and he ran head first into the wall."


Haha! Epic fail! Also no wonder he continued to not say anything :P

"A voice. A voice from the abs"

*insert some mad laughter from Sweden* XD I am loving this!

""Lucien..." he murmured. There was a gust of wind from an explosion in the battle next to them that swirled glowing Flame embers around and ruffled his hair. "...of Shadow.""

*squeals* Holy shit Lefty you nailed that so perfectly! Very dramatic and humorous!

"And way back in the corner... there"

Bad ellipses, bad!

"but who cares about him anyway?"

I love how sexist this story is (no sarcasm!) Just too amusing and strange haha

As always the cronies amuse me, I think its because you actually use direct quotes! You should totally do that for other people as well =D *hint hint*

what will come now? I assume HWMNBN and his cronies are out of the picture for a while. I imagine one-episode stories? But I dont mind at all, in fact I encourage (tis be a "fanfic" for love of god!)

Just keep going with it, and dont forget the humor power of direct quote =D

- Frac, who is very desperately hoping to see new chapters soon. At least as a christmas present. XD?

(btw sorry for the short review. I dont really have much else to say regarding concrit that I havent said already, and my window closed down three times so I yeah *paranoid*)
10/29/2008 c4 8Written
I'm surprised that I know who these people are. I mean I obviously dont get your in jokes, but lucien... of shadow- totally knew him once! not PERSONALLY, but you know, I read his stuff. I always thought his name would be all dramatic like that too.
10/29/2008 c2 Written
bahahaha. when you wrote "british accent" i thought to myself, oh, I hope it's knittingkneedle, i love her to bits.

thats my comment from the peanut gallery.
9/2/2008 c4 72angel953
ahahahahaha i love this chapter!
9/1/2008 c4 11Kirrithian
This is a stroke of genius, and I have absolutly loved it, and hope you keep going.

"Ermm..." Kyllorac tried to think of something epic.

"I guess that was your last word! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Crony 3 cackled.

I personally love this quote, espeacialy 'cus it killed a cliche in an entertaining way, plus I could really imagine it.

My one and only problem with this story is that there isn't enough of it. Keep writing.

- Dolly
8/12/2008 c3 3BeautyisFleeting

this story is hilarious :D
8/8/2008 c4 18Lime-Cat
HAHAHA! this latest installment was hilarious also. (not to mention very action packed.) Limecat likes!

Is this the end of HWMNBN or will he return to RG in a later chapter? As mini pointed out, I agree that HWMNBN was introduced, led a one-time attack and then was done away with a little quick to my liking. Truthfully, from earlier chapters, I had the impression that this was going to be gradual.

If you killed off HWMNBN this fast, I'll assume that you have some other evils in mind that the RG will encounter in later chapters? o_O

It'd be awesome if you could implement the competitiveness of RM. lol.

This chapter made my day. =D

8/8/2008 c4 612simpleplan13
You capitalize Flame and Criticism, but not spam in the beginning, which seemed odd to me. Then after the line you don't capitalize criticism.

Where did Croony 3 come from? In the first line you only mention 1 and 2... but then Kylie says the two croonies appeared out of nowhere, so I'm confused.

"Crony 2 r form the purple castle"... I'm guessing the r was on purpose, but did you mean to say form or from?

I think HWMNBN got banned too early. 'Cause I know I was there before he got banned and I'm guessing others were too. Though I guess his evilness was more and quicker in this version so it would be odd for him to not get banned... ::shrug:: Anyhow I like it still. It's HYSTERICAL! And I love the description of Lucy, it's just so funny.
8/8/2008 c4 19Kyllorac
XD The abs. Oh, gosh, the abs. XD

I was laughing so hard when I read this. XD This chapter was worth the long wait IMO. X3

You have me acting really really girly in this chapter, but I don't mind. X3 It made this chapter all the more hilarious. XD

No crits from me, here, though, in a future chapter, you might want to mention that HWMNBN has no association with Voldemort and Harry Potter. :P
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