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7/25/2011 c1 2S.N. Rainsworth
I love you.

I am -so- fucking serious.

One of the sweetest stories ever...even though Hal is an ass (romantic, stubborn ass) and Chad is just...ugh and Katie is just so oblivious sometimes that it makes me facepalm.


7/24/2011 c31 5rituisawriter
So I'm absolutely outraged by how this has 947 reviews. I think you deserve wayy more than that. This is an absolutely wonderful story and I truly enjoyed it. In fact I just finished reading it and its 3:20am. I love Hal and Katie. They are the perfect match. I love how you have developed this story and the characters. I'm sad this story is over but I'm so glad I found it. :)
7/20/2011 c31 annie
really love this story! hope you decide to post more stories and maybe a little something from hal's point of view
7/20/2011 c31 summer-luvs-pandas
That was adorable! *sigh* they r almost like a match made in heaven. 2 bad real relationships don't start like that and end like that well anyways I loved it!

7/18/2011 c31 iamspastic
Awesome story! Sequel please.
7/15/2011 c31 loveL
I loved this story! It was kind of confusing at first, with Hal's behavior, but then I started realizing that it was because he liked her. Aaargghhh I just want to pull out my hair, and strangle Katie and Hal for being stupid!

I wish you wrote more on Katie and Hal's happy, real relationship after they sorted out their misunderstandings. Maybe a sequel?

And I don't know if you've ever read it, but your story kinda reminds me of Gone with the Wind.

Keep writing :D
7/14/2011 c2 loveL
I'm liking Katie...and Hal, even though he's sounding like an asshole. Katie's family seems relatable to.

Fantastic job with this story so far!
7/14/2011 c26 AliasBubblegum
I love the story. I really do, although I saw the James/Lily thing coming from a mile away. I usually don't review finished stories until the last chapter, but I thought you should know that you are not alone in forgetting which day of the week it is without school. So yeah. Bye.
7/13/2011 c14 4White Alchemist
What does the AP class stand for? Because I come from the Philippines and AP stands for Aralin Panlipunan. :D
7/4/2011 c31 2midnight989
Thank you! Finally a romance story on here, that's actually sweet and romantic! Love doesn't even begin to describe my feelings towards it. Very well done!
6/24/2011 c1 BookWorm
Wow! Your an amazing writer I SWEAR I read both of your books more than three times and you have to right a new book I will keep checking every week to see if there is a new story lol, oh and btw I only had three hours asleep trying to finish reading lmao so by catching up my sleep
6/18/2011 c31 1z2ferndigi
Ahhhhhhhh! C'est fini. I truly have enjoyed reading your story. What shall I do without Katie and Hal in my life? T_T I hope that wherever you are and whatever you're doing, you still write. Your writing is so much fun to read and is definitely one of the best qualities that I've seen here.
6/7/2011 c31 three
What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing it with us! You are incredibly talented. I did not want the story to end.
6/3/2011 c5 lipsalldevilred
"Charming? Right. I know I look like I fell into a tub of Pepto-Bismol. This guy needs therapy."

I laughed so much. Great story, very entertaining so far. =]
6/3/2011 c1 2bring me the sun
Hi. :)

Err, I think someone has plagiarised this story. Emm, there's a stroy on Fanficion.net in Vampire Academy that's eerily similar. It's called One Note Away and the whoel thing seems completely teh same as this story, with names changed to characters from Vampire Academy Series. Just thought you'd want to know. :)
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