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3/16/2011 c14 SemeUkeLurver
-random review-

I learned so much about drugs in this chapter... -giggles uncontrollably- And I just found out you're like 23 or something.

3/15/2011 c9 SemeUkeLurver
Oh... makes sense now!

I luv your stories! Always have slash, romance, and angst! (well... the two i read so far, that is. xP)

3/15/2011 c7 SemeUkeLurver
Such a beautiful paper~

3/14/2011 c3 SemeUkeLurver
OMG! -whimpers- That was so... SAD! -weeps uncontrollably-

Erm... compared to your other stories, this one cusses a lot. xP

3/8/2011 c2 sundayguts

I love his head, so funny and real.

1/13/2011 c6 Dark Lynnette
How disturbing. Great POV and voice for the narrator. At the beginning, I thought Daniel would come across as more of a jerk, but I kinda feel a little bad for him and what he may have invested into this experience. Very nice character work here. You've got a real talent for showing what's going on with a character rather than telling. I like it.
12/9/2010 c19 4Boosher
I love this story, I'm so glad you've picked it up again!
12/2/2010 c19 ohmytuesday
So, so much love. Even though I kinda don't get Saul. Their relationship is so precious
11/21/2010 c19 chocoroll
Yay! It's been so long.

Damn. The whole Fletcher situation is bringing Saul down. I wonder what will happen when his mum finds out. If she ever does. That reminds me - we haven't seen from her or Andrew for a while (actually only a couple chapters ago for Saul's mom but very brief). It's nice to see an appearance of the rents.

Thanks for the update.
11/20/2010 c19 4R-Shindo
why hello there. I think you owe us all an apology before you get cookies for updating! : )

apologies for making yourself so busy that is!

hopefully graduation isn't too too bad (how bad can it be? YOU'RE DONE!)

uhm. I think that Saul and Danny should be like seriously more sexy. MORE SEXY I SAY.

And sadly enough. I forgot who Fletch was. I should SERIOUSLY reread this. UGH. :(


Oh, Casey. lol
11/20/2010 c19 9Tigaroo
11/20/2010 c19 23plumblossom
Saul is such a mess . . . it's lucky he has Danny, now: I think he'd go down in flames if he had to grow all the way up without.

Thanks for the update, and I didn't know about the other story so now I am off to read it. If it's yours, I'll read it.
9/16/2010 c18 chickie
If this was my crack, I would be so dead from withdraws right now. C'mon women! This is such a great story and to stop it is just unfair. Everything was about to unfold, I need closure! Please?
6/3/2010 c18 1Handsome Devil
Aww. Danny and Saul are so cute... in a sad way. I like how realistic your stories always are. Even though Saul has it A LOT worse, you still somehow make Danny's problem' substantial. He's sad in some way too. Hopefully, they'll see how good they are for each other. Well, I think Danny already sees that, but hopefully, one day, Saul will. Whether that day is before or after he decides to leave.

Poor Danny though. he's so in love.

PS It was really cute how Saul took care of Greg. :) His horniness at seeing his shorts practically slip, however, wasn't. Hahaha.

And also, I like the way they speak. I can almost here them and see them in my mind when you put it like that. Most likely some American place... I guess. I really have no idea. But their "lingo" is really different.
4/14/2010 c18 7Happy to be Mad
Just finshed and am loving the series so far... please update soon
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