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3/19/2011 c1 17noche
"The real you wouldn't have a chance against the memory of you." Isn't this the truth. Kind of reminds me of what happens to Valentine in Orson Scott Card's Children of the Mind, if you've read it.

Beautifully depressing. I feel a bit like this sometimes, but mostly for the fleeting moments that make one feel alive... Where life seems as grand as in the movies :P They pass and can't be recovered, though the memories are great for stories.

I think this guy should make friends and cherish the present, make new moments, and not let the past control him :-)
8/14/2008 c1 67moongazer7
Things have more of a meaning. We live to influence, and discover. You have to want to change the world. The things only fade for us as we die, but the world lives on.
6/14/2008 c1 54progressive failure
I wouldn't bother trying to go back, even in memories. Memories were never reality; it's sort of like dreaming while you're awake. Never the same thing.

Glad to see something out of you again, by the way. Even if it is extremely depressing and echos my own thoughts like a tuning fork.
5/27/2008 c1 25destinee's notebook
There's a lot emotion in this one. The issues of "drowning in nostalgia"...is very touching. I can understand that feeling. Good job.

- Des

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