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6/26/2008 c2 1MademoiselleS
This story is really good so far and she doesn't seem like that much of a slut to me but that may change after a couple of chapters.
6/9/2008 c1 Lana Sky
hm...very interesting, I like that you went inside the head of the slut instead of the innocent bystander...very interesting. I like.



5/28/2008 c1 4Eclipsia Soulbird
Nice summary. Good start. Could be longer, but I likee. ^^ Continue soon, please?
5/28/2008 c1 2Laeden
It's an interesting start for a prologue.

I see it going into more detail, some backround information into the first chapter, perhaps some back-track?

Also, first person is an extremely difficult POV to write from. Don't forget to put a lot of personality in there. The little quarks people have become a lot more important in first person than third, espeically sayings that people have, and say all the time. Though there's really not much here to review.
5/28/2008 c1 centenarian
Okay, this sounds interesting. Yeah...but she's not THAT slutty is she? Because I'm kinda like her. Okay, anyways. Nicely written and its funny so...update soon. You're on alert.

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