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for Slaves of the Moon

9/17/2012 c17 ColourCascade
I read the rewrite but because it wasn't finished I read this... I have to admit that do far the rewrite is way better. So congrats I guess on improving it so much and as you're writing just for some advice this story seems to move way too fast, and isn't very descriptive. So good pick with your writing :) I love the storyline though it had me hooked enough to continue reading
7/2/2012 c17 Guest
6/28/2012 c17 9Binkybaby
update soon!
6/23/2012 c17 Mrs Sorbo
very good work thankyou :)
6/17/2012 c14 Unicornswag
OK love this story to death! But is the little sister's name Carrie or Cassie because it seems to switch
6/17/2012 c3 Unicornswag
I like the story so far but I feel that Emma would question why he wanted to protect her so much. You know what I mean?
7/8/2011 c13 Princess Mariana
This is awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I noticed that it isn't marked as complete, so could you please update?
6/1/2011 c13 Binkybaby
9/8/2010 c13 Da-zGreen
AW. What a cute chapter! I give major Kudos! I love this story! I hope it's not ending, by the sound of it, it is ending? hahaha. Anywasy, update soon!
8/17/2010 c13 laughing moon
this is an amazing story! i cant wait to read more so please please please update as soon as you can! the only problem i have with the story is i dont think she would have just lleft her sister but i guess im glad she did and the story turned out better for it. thanks for writing!
8/4/2010 c13 ChristianAngel01
I know I saw that your story was finished on another site...I read it
8/4/2010 c13 JBrooke
awesome update :) what's the name of the other site?
8/4/2010 c13 Sweatered5Hatchets
Good job, keep it up
8/4/2010 c2 Moose
If the car was out of gas, why on earth would she be wanting jumper cables? If you're out of gas, you want more gas. Not a charge on your battery.
8/4/2010 c13 1midnight84118
great job on it
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