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8/27/2008 c10 3Alexis Grey
Just wondering if it would be possible for your to recommend good sources of information regarding the Whitlam government. As said in one of my earlier reviews, I found this highly informative and wish to read more before my exam. If you don't have the time, that's perfectly alright!


6/7/2008 c5 9RogueRose91
lol, oh Australian history is not fun. at least, not in highschool it isn't. nice work though, i admire the fact you had the patience and insanity to write this out for poor slobs like me to read and revise for an upcoming exam. :D thanks! This well written and easy to follow, just how it should be! :D
6/6/2008 c8 3Alexis Grey
Someone once told me that Menzies was more British than the Queen herself.
6/6/2008 c9 Alexis Grey

I have asked numerous people (including my History teacher), to explain just what the whole Gough Whitlam thing was about, but mostly they said it was too complicated or started spurting off incredibly biased opinions.

So, thankyou, I think I finally understand!

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