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for Shadow Of The Black Wolf

10/5/2006 c3 The Only Hellbat Left
hauntingly delightful! The story kept me on edge, and made my day! When Macky and Jaime were revealed as the wolf and its owner, I smiled. She had warned them. They should have listened!
8/11/2006 c3 Khieryan Blackfire
YUCK! Revenge can be such an ugly thing. it freaks me out, this story you wrote. does sean represent the peson you want to get you revenge on?
3/11/2006 c3 midnight-kisses
great twist at the end! lots of gore, it was good :D
10/30/2002 c3 FukaiMori
I HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE! *holds the script in her hand*


Sage:*shakes her head* I'm telling ya! Its those pixie sticks...

Bakura:*dressed as a werewolf* AAWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

GHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! *jumps and grabs the lamp cieling* WEREWOLF! GET IT AWAY!

Bakuta:*falls to the ground laughing*

Nakht:*sprays Bakura with the water hose* Bad puppy..

10/23/2002 c3 8Tjay Motou
my god that was...great...me like lots an' lots of blood
10/21/2001 c3 Serebii37
Yikes, that was violent. o_O A cool story all the same though...
6/21/2001 c3 Nightshadow
Pretty cool. The ending surprised me. :)
6/19/2001 c3 8Oern
Ya know, I kept reading my death over and over again...and ya know, even though this is the millionth time I've read this, and the millionth time I've said this, I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS! Just wait for MY story!
4/17/2001 c3 Inori
Wow...that was AWESOME! Keep it up!
4/14/2001 c3 starbright4
that was a really cool story. Keep up the good work! Keep on writing.
4/14/2001 c3 11Pikajenn
Wow! Wicked, wicked cool! I put it on my favorites! Verry scary and very well written. The fear was there!
4/14/2001 c1 Chicklet
Very good story keep up the good work.
4/13/2001 c2 7JaffaCake
Still, some parts did chill
4/13/2001 c3 Evil Cassidy
! *takes a deep breath* That was DAMN freakin SCARY!
4/13/2001 c3 5Sparky16
Gee, I never knew I could write like that. I even scared myself!
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