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for Come Hell Or High Water

6/5/2009 c12 Summer Leah
This could be a really good story, but honestly, something needs to HAPPEN.
4/21/2009 c12 lostlette
I've finally read this chapter! I love this story!
4/8/2009 c12 Esioul
Oh another chapter :D (The first chapter I've read in any of the fictions Im reading in like a month or maybe more)

I thought you said that you weren't going to write more sexscenes? This one was lovely aswell, very well written ^^

How the fuck did Jolene find them? I seriously don't like her, such a pain in the ass ;P

I got a bit confused at the end or in the middle or where ever it was, when Rogers mom came in, I couldn't quite figure out who was saying and thinking what, especially when Roger and Lily talked after that.

Haha I loved the fact that Roger thought about chaining Lily to the bed xD I wonder what would have happened then ;P

Lily was really deep or what I should call it, in the end when she talked about meeting Rogers daughter and him meeting hers. That was really nice.

I would have loved to write more but my head is still stuck on the book Curse the dawn by Karen Chance so this will have to do it Im afraid. Loved the chapter (as always ^^) Keep up the good work!

/ Esioul
4/7/2009 c12 1Cat-Rivera
Oh! I love this so much, kinda of lost touch with you for a while though. Excellent chapter though! update soon
3/11/2009 c11 lostlette
lol I love this story!
3/9/2009 c11 HollyAnnShort
Hey, if you don't know who this is, look to the right of you in English... now I only have one thing to say to you...

2/18/2009 c11 Esioul
No need to apologize, writersblock sucks big time. And this chapter was worth the wait, it was really good!

I love underworld aswell, Underworld evolution is one of my favourite movies ;) I've never even thought this story was like it, so I don't think it is. This story is lovely and unique ^^

I loved the aka her aunt reference that was really funny xD I can see that whole scene infront of my eyes, it's hilarious xD

If I may say so, Roger and Lily are a really cute couple ^^ The seem to fit so well together ^^

I think that the sex part was really well written and really good ^^ If anyone says differently you can send them to me and I'll wack their heads with a ruler or something ;P

I love Lily's thought about learning how to breath through her ears, that would be a really usefull talent ;) I like that it was Lily who "took charge" of the sex or how I should phrase it, it shows that she's a really strong character and that she's got a strong will ^^

I want more ;P

There was two possible typeos'in the story though. In the beginning when Roger asked her if she wanted to see a movie on "Paper per view" isn't it called "Pay per view"?

And when they where watching the movie Lilys mind "meandered", I've never heard that word before so I was just wondering if it should be wandered?

Loved this chapter ^^ And Im sorry for the wierd review (I've slept 3 hours today and then I went to work so Im a bit out of it today xD)

Looking forward to more lovely chapters!
1/3/2009 c10 lostlette
I like this story
11/7/2008 c10 Esioul
Nice and short ^^ Lily seems really happy in this chapter.

This chapter was really easy to read, nothing in it to get me confused.

I liked it that we got to hear the prophesy, now we know what the hell all the fuss is about ;P

And when Lily remembered "the talk" that part was really funny.

And the message to us readers in the beginning of the chapter was really nice, it cleared up quite a few things ^^

I found one flaw though(I think at least ;P) it said that lily quite college, shouldn't it be that she quit college? A minor typeo, so nothing big ;P

Now Im going to vote in the poll ^^
11/6/2008 c10 2Silly-girl15
Um... i want... ANOTHER CHAPTER! haha
10/14/2008 c9 Lyra Waterflame
Please write more soon?
10/13/2008 c9 Esioul
Nice chapter ^^ Short and nicely done ^^

I always seem to get confused about the car parts, I didn't realize that Roger was picking her up and where did they go? Did they go to his place? And I didn't quite get the friend thing either.

I liked the talk that they had in the car, Roger asking her about Garrett and Lily asking him about Géminé Parti. But I didn't get the last sentence. "“I think trying to kill the baby’s parents and wanting to kill her will be the court’s undoing. Not the fact that they didn’t succeed. If they get slaughtered it’s their own fault.”" Did that happend or is it just something that might happend?

Looking forward to reading more ^^ Keep up the good work.
10/11/2008 c9 1blondiexoxo
hey i really like this story

i hope u update soon

im interested to see what happens next
9/23/2008 c8 3Loveless Breath
Jolene, that bitch! I freaking hate her.
9/23/2008 c7 Loveless Breath
I love your story dear, it's amazing. The last chapter was all underlined, did you know that? It was distracting for my A.D.D but I got it down! Woo go me. Beautiful story. I especially love the chemistry between Lilly and Roger, very well done!
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