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8/3/2008 c17 Peachez-Baby
Yay! That will show that meddling girl! GO VIOLET! And hurray for Dimitri. Finally standing up to his father. Thankfully for something that actually should be stood up against. Can't wait to finish reading the rest. Keep writing!
8/3/2008 c16 Peachez-Baby
cruel CRUEL AUTHOR! stopping there... very mean! Not nice at all... two chapters in a row... Humhp! Keep writing!
8/3/2008 c15 Peachez-Baby
Pillonia needs to be shot... then salted! Ok, a little weird I understand but something other than just hurting her... *sighs* stupid jealousy meddlesome women. Why can't she just accept she lost fair and square? Then again she doesn't think she did. POor Violet... Poor Dimitri- He finally discovers that he's not an ass and he gets kicked when he hits rock bottom... *Shakes head* Keep writing
8/3/2008 c14 Peachez-Baby
How sweet... Just sucks the poor little bugger had to figure out he actually liked her at the ball. GO DIMITRI! Haha, I knew he'd be smart enough to get rid of the bitch ^^ Yeah! Now... how to keep them together... hm... Well definitely not for me to decide so KEEP WRITING!
8/3/2008 c13 Peachez-Baby
Aw... going to see her in the middle of the night- how.. romantic. Too bad he didn't get to play the hero when she woke up, but that definitely wouldn't have gone over well. keep writing!
8/3/2008 c12 Peachez-Baby
Oh no Violet's gonna get killed and it's all that little bitches fault... humph! Anyway... I think I know what's in the box- and I think I know who Dimitri's father is... Violet's not gonna like it. Anyway keep writing!
8/3/2008 c11 Peachez-Baby
AW! Is it possible the little Fremik might be enjoying the bickering? Sometimes shocking someone and just plain arguing with them can be fun. Poor Violet, so confused... Great chappie- I didn't see any mistakes edited or not... Keep writing!
8/3/2008 c10 Peachez-Baby
A normal dream, an "almost" kiss, a lovely hangover and late for class... Beautiful morning! Oh well I'm sure the day can only get better right? Aw, Nugen's gonna go snooping around for her!
8/3/2008 c9 Peachez-Baby
Yeah! Her first hangover! lol Ok, well not really something to get excited over. Though I do believe that really scary dream was trying to tell her something. Like maybe her Mom letting her know about Fremiks. Hm... must read next chapter... Keep writing!
8/2/2008 c8 Peachez-Baby
Wow, cleaning, wine and an actual conversation with Dimitri... Impressive. She didn't even strangle him once! Keep writing!
8/2/2008 c19 inats
that was amazing!
8/2/2008 c7 Peachez-Baby
Nice Sponge fight! lol Beautifully written chapter, and could very well be the little push that Violet would need to actually say yes to Dimitri... though how much he'd actually be telling the truth about is still sketchy... Keep writing!
8/2/2008 c6 Peachez-Baby
Well, it IS a way to unobtrusively be kind. Though I almost think something a little more... Obvious may be in order for Violet. Though the fact that he's not yelling at her and MAYBE letting her get away with a few things might make her notice. Giving her detention just for a moment with her? lol that's beautiful right there! keep writing. And if you want a good read you can check out my fav. authors, especially Peachez 24 ^^
8/2/2008 c5 Peachez-Baby
Cocky little thing isn't she? Though Violet's lucky the headmaster isn't just killing them all off! Keep writing!
8/2/2008 c4 Peachez-Baby
Aw... is the little bit*hy witchy upset about loosing her datey watey? lol I know I'm mean sometimes. Love the characters already! Violet... changing? I have the slightest feeling two weeks isn't gonna cover it. Or at least not comfortably. Fingers crossed it don't hurt her too badly though! Keep writing!
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