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8/2/2008 c3 Peachez-Baby
Very nice bet... perhaps his friend is trying to make Dimitri a little more 'feeling', giving him someone he'll have to persuade or seduce rather than someone who's already falling over themselves for him. It'll be a good change for him, though somehow I think both Dimitri and Violet are not going to have a fun time in the process lol
8/2/2008 c2 Peachez-Baby
Very well written. Keep writing!
8/1/2008 c20 brokencrystal7
im soo sad that this story is over. i loved the ending anyway. just everything was wonderful. i actually almost started laughing when nugen all of a sudden started clapping and crying because of what he saw. haha! cant wait for the sequel. i really hope it doesnt take long because i cant wait for more dimitri and violet! ^-^ well at least i will have my story and Breaking Dawn to take up some of the time before the sequel. im so happy but at the same time sad that i could almost cry -ALMOST. bye!^-^
7/29/2008 c14 x.brokenTears.x
I knew it was Dimitris dad! That was sad, but kind of happy at the same time. I don't think this will be the last time Dimitri and Violet will get to be together
7/29/2008 c13 x.brokenTears.x
hm, I wonder why she dreamt it was Dimitri. It's good he knows what happened to her, now he understands. Keep up the good writing[=
7/29/2008 c12 x.brokenTears.x
I have a feeling he's the guy in the mask in her dreams..
7/28/2008 c11 x.brokenTears.x
I'm so happy, they're both realizing they like each other. :]

I wanted her to be with Liam but I change my mind. haha
7/28/2008 c9 x.brokenTears.x
haha I like your authors note at the bottom. Violets dream was good, maybe she'll have more and figure everything out..
7/28/2008 c8 x.brokenTears.x
oohh Dimitri's starting to actually like her :]]
7/27/2008 c19 koerle
You are going to write a sequel? That sounds good!

Good chapter! I hope DImitry will wake up soon!
7/26/2008 c19 brokencrystal7
im going to be really sad when you post the last chapter, even though i cant wait to read it. i really am going to miss reading about this characters but at least i am going to have my own story to keep me happy ^-^ i hope you dont take to long of a break! :)
7/26/2008 c18 koerle
This really was a filler :) It only raises more questions...

Are the revolting now?

And what are they going to do with Pillonia?

Is Dimitri going to be okay?

Is he going to be in trouble for killing his dad?

And are Dimitry and Violet a couple now?

Will my puppy eyes help you to answer these questions soon? ;)
7/25/2008 c18 mystic.fox
I'm glad Pillonia got what's coming to her..ol' skeezin' heffa. I don't care if it was a filler chapter, it was great! Update soon.
7/25/2008 c18 brokencrystal7
i wonder what pillonia's punishment is going to be. um...i have no idea. great chapter by the way. cant wait for another one. i would love to read a sequel of this story but only time will tell if you actually write one. update soon! ^-^
7/24/2008 c7 x.brokenTears.x
aww poor Violet..but at least she was laughing and having a good time :]

I just hope Liam realizes she's great and starts liking her
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