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7/17/2008 c15 mystic.fox
Ah, that's so sad that he's being a douche to her while he's completely in love with her. I can't wait to see what happens next chapter from the looks of it, it has something to do with his father. Update soon!
7/16/2008 c14 brokencrystal7
i did not expect that to be in the box. i have no idea what will happen next but i do have a question, was dimitri's father the one that raped her? you might have already said it in the story but i just want to make sure because i guessed that in my last review...so i just want to know if i was right- not that im self centered or anything but i just like it when i guess something and at the end its right. doesnt everybody? okay now i am just talking too much like always...so cant wait for the next chapter and dont worry about reviews. people just dont know what they are missing! ^-^
7/16/2008 c13 brokencrystal7
okay wow i was not expecting that. well i have guess about the rape a long time ago but the guy being dimitri...well i havent thought of that. i dont know but for some reason i think that dimitri's dad was the one that raped violet. i can be totally wrong but to me...i dont know why, but it makes sense. i dont know now i am just talking a lot. cant wait for the next chapter. if you update within the days of tomorrow to sunday, i might not be able to read it because i would be at arizona but please update soon because this is a great story ^-^
7/16/2008 c7 brokencrystal7
i love this chapter. when you were talking about the gaw ball i instantly thought of Final Fantasy X. i love that game! ^-^ well anyways i just wanted to say that and that Glaise and Aora seemed like a cute couple.
7/15/2008 c12 1XoX.tessie.XoX
you know, i'd feel a bit depressed if I'd written 12 chapters and only gotten 4 reviews, congrats on keeping your spirits up!

also, congratulations on writing a story that I actually enjoy, with a somewhat fantasy edge to it that isn't impossible to follow without a list infront of you explaining what everthing means.

update soon!

7/14/2008 c11 4Faithfully Connected
I have really nothing to say but whoa and wow...so Update and put a smile on my face.
7/14/2008 c11 mystic.fox
I can't believe she fell for that hook,line and sinker. Guys like Dmitri always have ulterior motives...it's in there DNA. Oh I hope she does something to embarrass him at the ball so he could be humiliated. Update soon
7/13/2008 c10 6TurtleBaby43
It's not overall perfect but no story is really. I like it so far though! It seems to me you improve it as you write each chapter. Anyway, thought I'd leave you a review! I posted my story and haven't had but one review too so I know what it feels like. I'll continue reading!
6/3/2008 c1 39Dahlia Wolffe
OOh... I gotta keep reading. Am I really your first review? Just a hint- you'd get more if you posted this in supernatural- that's where I post all my vampire stuff. Well, I will be reading more. Return the favor if you can!
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