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12/5/2008 c1 Yorkie Lover
Holy... holy shiznit, Tiggy. That was... Amazing. I loved it, way more than I should've, because maybe... I can relate? I don't know. But the whole confused and "I can't like you part"... Yeah. I think we can all relate.

Best part? When you kissed her. It was adorable. :)
7/18/2008 c1 9ThePixess
Amazing, just *amazing*. I want to give the narrator a *hug* it's so bleeping amazing. I've been in that place too, the confusion and the suckage and just- I am just going to repeat the word AMAZING over and over and over again inside my brain and it still won't lose meaning because it is that Ay. May. Zing.

Oh, and faved, if you couldn't already tell.
6/6/2008 c1 21so i sing to the stars
Oh, Tiggy. This was so incredibly *real* and written so wonderfully, I almost cried. Really. Which is quite an accomplishment on your part, for while I am indeed a crier, I rarely cry with books. :P Weird. But anyway!

This almost sounds as it may have been influenced by your own life and you had to get your feelings out, and if it is, I'm sorry and my heart goes out to you, my dear. (:

Great job. If I'm lucky, I'll be seeing more from you...?
6/5/2008 c1 22Amertie
I love the point of view you chose. It makes everything more personal.

True story? If not, it's very real for fiction.

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