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6/29/2009 c7 1go-figure09
i really like it so far, im surprised that u dont have alot of reviews, update soon!
7/10/2008 c6 Abigail Night
Whee! I hope they didn't hit the squirrel. O.o

PLEASE Keep writing, I'm dying.

6/22/2008 c4 Abigail Night
What the freak? Sleep together? Oh, wow. I think I know who the mystery guy is already.

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6/17/2008 c1 Abigail Night
6/16/2008 c4 4Yuura
Hm...now I wonder what happened. My opinion is that before Mitchell took her home and before she almost past out Mitchell almost said, "I love you" but he couldn't since she past out. Hm...I'll be waiting for the next update. (:
6/14/2008 c4 eve
thanks for the update. OMG cliff hanger, I'm hoping that Mitchell is Blank. waiting patiently for the next installment ;)
6/11/2008 c3 Yuura
OH MY GOSH! I can't believe it. Oh yes, I am a new reader and I'm so totally into this story. I'm interested as heck to know what's going to happen. Please update soon. (:
6/9/2008 c3 eve
wow, I like where this story is heading. I read all three chapter and can say that I'm hooked now. please post some more, because this cliff hanger is going to drive me insane.

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