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2/14/2016 c12 ajashire1
I've currently been at a place in my life that I can only describe as floating. Not going necessarily anywhere... but this story has reminded of something that I'd forgotten.
It was exactly what I was looking to read.
Thank you for writing this :)
1/9/2013 c12 mangatake
I enjoyed this, but felt it ended too abruptly. Thanks for sharing.
6/9/2012 c5 mamaliz
I really like this story so far, for several reasons: The characters are so well-developed and real. The story is very realistic and without excessive drama, it's very everyday and down to earth which makes it easy to relate to. And I'm so happy to finally find a slash fic that is not centret on WASPs, I've been looking for that for quite a while.
10/21/2011 c10 Insanity
My BIRTHDAY IS ON THE FOURTH OF FEBRUARY TOO! I just found this story yesterday and I'm loving it so far. Thankyou for writing it! :D
8/11/2011 c12 Tali
I really, really enjoyed this.

What makes it better? I'm from Brisbane! You couldn't imagine my surprise when I read the setting.

Fantastic, realistic story. Definately one of the best I've read on this site.
7/9/2010 c12 J
I really liked this story. it was a really pleasant read. i was drawn to your summary because you don't often see a lot of pudgy/chubby main characters. i LOVED all of your characters. i thought they were really well developed. Mahir was hilarious, and i loved all the interactions. i liked how ramyar and Mohammad are best buds despite how different they are. you did a great job describing human relationship. the good and the bad. the weight loss was very realistic and i thought you did a good job with the flow of everything. your story had the right amount of bitter and sweet. i couldn't stop reading this until i finished because even though i knew things would be good, i WANTED to know what note you would finish on. i think overall, i felt really bad for brett because mohammad took his ex michael. but then when i thought about it, he had a family of sorts, his sons and mahir, even though their story was unresolved. and i liked it that way, that the 'happy ending' didnt have to apply to every one of ur characters. i liked the open ended ending, and i liked all of ur characters because they all interacted with each other and addressed real life problems. this is one of the most satisfying story i've read, and i really loved that your cast was made up of different ethnicities, not all gorgeous, but had LIFE to them. i love that south asian/middle eastern gay characters are just as attractive, if not more, than the stereotypical white gay characters. i just really really liked this. i'm feeling really bubly from reading this and i just want to let you know, GOOD JOB! and thanks for such a great piece! :)
3/8/2010 c12 10Twelfth Night
I think I would've died if I had to wait in suspense for you to update...my eyes were glued to the screen. Couldn't stop reading this. It was feel good, because it had realism, all the way! It was sorta fluffy, but not perfect. I could almost believe Iska existing, except this is too fantastic...XD
3/8/2010 c5 Twelfth Night
*sighs* He and Ramyar are so sweet together. I had to look up the difference between overweight and fat so I could understand it better. XD This story's amazing! I felt bad about what Mahir said about the scars...I have my image Iska as a doctor stuck in my head.
3/8/2010 c1 Twelfth Night
Something about this is just so original. Just thought I'd start off with that. I'm in love with Iska's character, I can't wait to see what happens next. It's so real, if that says anything.
1/8/2010 c1 Heather
I don't why, but I love this story...it's pretty good and long
10/10/2009 c12 10Hell's first Icicle
i know this is old, and i've probably reviewed before to say that i've honestly loved readin this, which is why i'm rereading it now, but this made me crack up:


I stroked him until he came. Afterwards, I helped him clean up and we snuggled together.

'I love you,' he said. 'I'll always love you.'

'I'll always love you, too,' I admitted. I was scared because it was true.

Veema squeezed my hand. 'I'm so happy you came to support my son.'

'It's okay,' I mumbled.


i had to blink, pause, and read that again to get that it was a new scene. and furiously try to get the mental image of an indian mother supporting her son's gay sex life in such detail.

apart from that, a more general comment on your writing - one reason i love your stories so much is because they're so real. there's no making characters pretty, ignoring the gritty details, and avoiding all cliches for the sake of more readers. And there's the way your characters are all unique, and how you can approach the same character and situations from different viewpoints and never get lost along the way. it's authors like you who make me realise why i've stuck around here for so long. so thank you.
1/10/2009 c12 GasolineRainbow02
you kept me up till 3:15am

so i'm too tired to give you a proper review

but i was really hooked and i loved it all, it was very realistic and honest and i enjoyed reading that.

12/10/2008 c12 6iBrandi
Aww, I really liked this. It was sweet without being saccharine and the characters were all well-developed and interacted like normal human beings! I liked how you worked in the children, as well, because most people cannot write decent reactions to having babies to save their lives.

(Aside bit - yay for not having author's notes for every chapter. Yay.)

Anyways, just wanted to say I liked the story. Good work! :)
9/6/2008 c12 5kazoua
This chapter certainly changes a lot of things.

I like it the story, nonetheless. It's interest and captivating but not overly dramatic or angsty like so many other things.
9/4/2008 c12 green
Ignore my last comment, saw the "complete" at the top. But I am sure we will get wind of them in your next story.
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