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9/4/2008 c12 green
Glad to see the update. Loved the long chapter, I could feel the tension in the room as Mo offered Mike to Brett. What kind of an idiot is Mo? Oh wait, I already know. I am wondering how long before he starts treating Mike like trash.

I have a huge problem with Waqif being Will's lover. The guys are right, Will is a hoe. He needs to have a gay friend whom he has not had sex with. Waqif seemed too noble and too religious to be gay. But I guess you decide.

I was peeved with the fact that you skipped India, but I suppose you are busy and may not have the time to research it, and it really was not that important to the plot. But it did make Iska's family even more crappier. Strangers accept him into their own family, but his own family doesn't. I felt so sorry for him.

Good to see the kids. Felt it was a bit too soon to be introducing them, were you trying to end it quickly? or because Ramyar was not ready, you didn't want us to be ready? It seems like a weakness in plot. Would have liked to see more of Iska and Ramyar alone together more, not in relation to others. I have gotten more of the feel in their relationship when they were with friends. Do new couples spend that much time with other people? You might have added more about Iska's family, and how he deals with it. In hindsight, that would have made it too sappy of a soap opera. The brother episode was enough.

Brett and Mahir are good for each other, perhaps even more than Brett and Michael, Mahir has the ability to remain faithful. Is Will going to be the whore that Michael had the reputation of?

Very devious of Iska to pick up the boy first and leave Ramyar the girl.

I did not think this was the end, but some of your reviewers seem to think it was. Please clarify the matter, I don't want to stop the anticipation of reading your stories.
9/4/2008 c12 dafne22
A lovely story! I really enjoyed reading it. The characters you created were sincere. It was easy to relate to them. They had real problems. They experienced true happiness. And the plot wasn´t exaggerated. A really good job! :-)

Iska and Ramyar made good and mature decisions and I hope they will stay together even in the future.

Mahir and Brett seem perfect for each other. I must confess I have a soft spot for Brett. He was first of your characters I´ve read about and he is still my favourite. He isn´t perfect, he has many flaws but at the same time he can be loving and caring. And I hope he will finally find happiness. Because he deserves it. Even if it isn´t with Mahir.

Wafig is gay? I don´t think so. But you are the author :-) I don´t really like Will much. I think he has many issues and he needs to work on them really hard. I don´t know if he is ready for another relationship.

I appreciate that you´re writting about adult men, it is really hard to find good original slash story without teenagers as main characters. I am past teenage years and I am more interested in adult problems. So thank you for your fantastic writting. :-) :-)
9/3/2008 c12 Josie
Oh-kee, we've still don't know about Brett & Mahir or Will & Wafiq... the suspense! Not sure how I feel about someone having two kids and no time to look after them. But they'll be loved and that's important. Awesome writing as always, and I'm so happy everytime you prove you're still updating...

Um, wanted to mention that your formatting/layout/whatchacallit gets a little confusing because several times there's a change of scene, but no extra space between what should be two separate paragraphs. Know what I mean? Like, Ramyar & Iska are in bed, and suddenly on the next line, Veema is talking to Iska. A blank line should go in between.
9/3/2008 c12 Josie - 1moresickpuppy
Oh wow! I'm so happy there's *finally* an update - and it's so long that I've only had time to read less than half and now I have to run to work! *happydance* My fingers are crossed hard that Brett and Mahir will find happiness, but I'll see how it goes after work tonight... *happydances some more*
9/3/2008 c12 Kasee Lara
Just realised this story is complete.

If it were anyone else, I'd be yelling at them (eh...writing in capslock?) and demanding more. But as it's you, I'm sure we'll get some mention of how they're going, maybe even a follow up story, so I think it's a good place to end. Only you though.

Another story, about *anyone*, would at this stage, make my life.
9/3/2008 c12 10afk
hahaha, how cute! two kiddies! XD very cute chapter but realy akward form micheal and brett togetehr! Andd ooh what about will ans wafiq? OMG!

Please update, even though i know this was a huge chapter, please update soon! love you!
9/2/2008 c12 Kasee Lara
The Brett/Michael/Mohammed scene made me so nervous. I couldn't believe that Brett had accepted, I thought he'd have been too embarrassed to, even if he'd wanted to. But him thinking it was a joke makes heaps of sense.

Aw Will. God he's changed, are we going to get another Will story?

I'm scared about Ramyar and Iska...it all seems good now and they've got everything worked out with the twins just...how long is Iska going to like being second to two kids? And for how long will Ramyar like having a boyfriend who won't really ever live with him...

Also: so glad to see your update. You already know how much I love your writing.
9/2/2008 c12 brandi
question. is the story complete. because it doesnt seem like it and i was just wondering if another chapter would be posted. thnx. lovee the story.
9/2/2008 c12 2Mademoiselle Rouge
I'm so happy everything's fine with Iska. I love him so, so much ! Thanks for updating, i missed reading this story!

Oh, and i have a question: did you write the part when Brett & Michael broke up? coz i read Brett&Michael, Will and Life, Continued a while ago, and i can't remember if you wrote about it in there. Right now, I hate Mohammed with a passion, and i just want Mike & Brett to get back together (which is stupid, since apparently it's not going to happen).

Can't wait to read more!
9/2/2008 c12 1Bedlam Chaos
The chapter was interesting like the other chapters were. In other words, great. The transition were a bit weird though. There's no warning when changing grom a place and time to another. A bit disturbing.
8/24/2008 c11 Blue Papillon
Wow. This story is so incredibly different! The different cultures are so interesting to read about. Love it. Can't wait to read more.
8/3/2008 c11 brandi
i love the story line so much. especially about a culture im not so familiar with. but pretty please, could u write some sex scene in the next chapter. i think they pretty much deserve it.
8/3/2008 c11 green
Poor Ramyar, he doesn't know the half of getting old part. He will truly start fretting once he sees a gray hair, and he can't understand half of the slangs younger people use. It's good that Iska is not condemning himself because he has less financial prospects than Ramyar. I am worried about the children, Ramyar does not understand how much of your time and life they take.

I feel sorry for Mo for having his children taken away completely, but he is to blame for it, especially, since I don't like him. Iska had better not touch him with a 10 foot pole. I feel sorry for him because of the cousins and surprised that he can volunteer info like that. And him being 'disease-ridden'is that anything STD or HIV like? Should I worry about Mike?

I've always wanted to see India. Didn't see any mistakes this time.
8/3/2008 c11 10afk
Mohammed is really an ass..

it's nice iska is learning to kill his time without a boyfriend :) so cute! And yay for vacations in india!
8/3/2008 c11 Josie
I really do feel like these are real people and I'm with Iska in worrying about Ramyar, his over-working and his kids, and I'm a little shocked about Mohammed - his cousins screwed him? As in, screwed? Since he was a kid? No wonder he's difficult now. God.

Also, curious about Brett and poor Mahir, and Mike. I bet I'm responsible for half the hits to your page, the way I'm checking for updates all the time. Well deserved hits, btw, you are as awesome a writer as ever.

Oh, and you're doing a great job with the different cultures here and in recent stories. These guys live with it and take it for granted that things are the way they are, because (duh) it's the culture they've grown up with. It's a good reminder for me that not everybody lives the way I do, and at the same time some things really upset me because of their unfairness.

Thanks for writing and sharing!

Josie, 1more_sickpuppy
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