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6/30/2008 c6 10afk
wow i would need like a lot of time to think. Man... i like ramyar but this goes a bit far. Hm i want to see how it develops!
6/30/2008 c1 1lexi v
this is really interesting

i like stories about different cultures

i'm off to read the other chapters now


also i read your profile and just thought id say:


XP joking
6/29/2008 c6 jen lewis
Iska the Pushover! It might be me but I think something should be said when your boyfriend is making fun of you with you workmate. The babies are a surprise. Had not expected Ramyar to have done something like that. But I still like him.
6/29/2008 c6 3nonaccount
WTF? What the *hell* happened with Ramyar? Why is he suddenly a total shit? And why didn't Iska call him on his comment about his car and just general shittyness? Ugh, bye-bye Ramyar ... maybe?
6/28/2008 c6 green
What a way to drop a bomb! Gotta give it Ramyar for being the most conversational person about announcing shockers. "I want kids, oh yeah, by the way, they'll be here in a few months. I am seriously doubting Iska's ability to raise children. He seems like a child, and he seems too much like Mike to handle responsibility. It seems like he will break trust easily.

What is with Mike? Is he drain bamaged? Why would you have an affair with a married man who will never leave his wife for you when you yourself have a child? Or is he just hanging off Mo, until Mo gets the hint and drops him?

Love your speed by the way. Hope I don't jinx you.
6/27/2008 c5 jen lewis
Bad Mahir

6/26/2008 c5 nonaccount
Ugh. I do not like Mahir at all. At all, at all. In the beginning I was hoping he and Brett would get together, but now I see him as a cheating, lying, conniving little shit and ugh Brett is too good for him.

Anyway! Back to Ramyar and Iska, both of whom I'm happy for, they get along well and like each other and I'm glad they're together. Why is Ramyar secretive about his job? Has he had men or boyfriends try to take advantage of him in the past? It seems like Iska has a well-paid job so he doesn't need handouts from Ramyar.
6/26/2008 c5 3May47
YAY~! Woot for Iska! He finally hooked Ramyar...hopefully for a long time...but who knows what's stirring in that interesting little mind of yours. Ohs nos! Anyway, I'm happy with the chapter and the fact the FINALLY Iska hooked Ramyar! o.o But what will happen now? With Iska play matchmaker for Mahir? I don't konw, it's in your mind and I hope to read it soon! ^^
6/26/2008 c5 green
$3.20 for sprite? We Americans still blessedly enjoy .5L sprite for $1.75 or so, but I suppose adjusted for currency value they are both pretty much the same.

Sex problems, never a good sign in a relationship.

Mahir! I want to hit him, who is insensitive enough to tell someone to keep a shirt on, because they have ugly scars during sex? I am assuming Mahir and Ramyar were friends before that, they definitely would not have gone to that point afterwards, he would have to know about the accident. Why go to bed with Ramyar?

And he gives Mike Mo's number. Mike may not be loyal or trustworthy in certain matters but I love him. I don't want him going near that sleazebag.

I doubt Mahir is a good choice of Brett who is very insecure and grumpy and sensitive.
6/26/2008 c1 3pero-pero
i've missed your stories...! can't wait to find time and read everything you've written! 1st line of iska made me want to abandon my studies and enjoy your work.. (PRAISE YOU)
6/26/2008 c5 Pundit
Mahir is not my favorite person, though I do find his antics pretty damn amusing. It would piss me off if I treated a friend to something and she/he took the change. Wow, talk about cheap. Still, so far I find this story vastly amusing, with plenty of cameos to go around :) Iska is a cutie, I want to squeeze him like a plushy. Thanks for updating!
6/26/2008 c5 10afk
noo mohammed and micheal? gawd!

And i don't know what to think about Mahir. Sometime i like him but smetimes he relaly goed far beyond the line...

It was very cool you updated so soon!
6/26/2008 c5 Kasee Lara
FINALLY. Someone who won't stand for the shit the kids pull. Though it seems like Mahir gave Mo Mike's number as a way to try and get Mike out of the picture. Don't know if I can really give up on Brett and Mike. Yet anyhow. I'm sure you'll win me over, I felt that way about Brett and Damon too.

Ramyar seems lovely, but I think it's too early to tell.

God I get so invested in your stories.
6/26/2008 c5 1Bedlam Chaos
WOAH ! 3 dollars for a sprite... Even in Belgium it's not that expensive.

And I think I understand Iska. This society is so concerned about weight that if you don't fit the standarts, you are and stay self-conscious. Only average people can go over it and that's because they're average.

Does that make sense?
6/24/2008 c4 3nonaccount
Oh. Sad chapter, well, really only the end, but it does show more of Iska's life.
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