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10/17/2009 c28 1Jevanminx
Aw, so sad for Ellie but I'm so glad her father is actually being a dad, despite the circumstances.

10/17/2009 c28 1A. Watts
Great chapter!
10/16/2009 c28 13Aaerie
cant wait till nxt chapter
10/16/2009 c28 SnowCharms
I wonder who's scarier and more protective, Poppa De Luca or Big Brother De Luca. Either way, Andrew is going to have to go through a firing squad before he is allowed with Ellie. Update! I'm glad that she got to reconcile with her father, even if it took a heart attack to help.
10/16/2009 c28 18ManiacalByMoonlight
Oh wooww. That was unexpected. Way to keep readers on their toes, haa. It seems like Mr. De Luca is okay, though... which is good. I'm now scared for Andrew though.. Good to see some qualities of a good father in the man... Wonderful chapter! Update soon. ^^
10/16/2009 c28 pbgurl

It's good to finally see Ellie's dad finally realizing how much he was pushing her.

And yay for Ellie letting Andrew go with her. Though I'm nervous about her dad and Andrews conversation. Lets hope he approves of Andrew.

-Liz :D
9/18/2009 c27 SnowCharms
Antonio De Luca is nothing short of a bastard. I hope that he gets his lesson the painful way. Update!
9/18/2009 c27 3Knowledge is Power
9/18/2009 c27 pbgurl
Aw Ellie and Andrew are creally cute together!

I wonder who is on the phone? hm...

Her ex maybe? or dad?

-Liz :D
9/18/2009 c27 4Paige Cruz
EllieXAndrew - cute, as always. :)

Dang, things seem to fly by as quickly as they come, eh? And the cliffhanger is, as cliffhangers do, killing me.

Keep it up! XD
9/18/2009 c27 13Aaerie
wat wat happens next aw
9/17/2009 c27 5itsVKEE


Altough thanks for updating to the start of my weekend =D i can tell this one's gonna be a good one XD
9/17/2009 c27 18ManiacalByMoonlight
Grah! I think I know who it is... x]

Great chapter, funny chapter. Awesome way to end my day before I go to sleep.. Yay! I love it. Update soon!
9/17/2009 c27 1A. Watts
Great chapter!
9/17/2009 c27 4LaMeO1
oo prom!

that was a cute way of asking her

oh no...who's calling her

update soon

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