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9/17/2009 c27 4Priscilla Shay
lol..that wasn't nice.

who called?


oh! The dad?

9/14/2009 c26 2The Lovers are Losing
I have to say, I have blown off many a math assigen. To see what will happen in your story. I am so so in love with Andrew! This is an amazing story, and I will be very sad when it is over! Keep up the incredible work!
9/13/2009 c26 1schoeppc
Wonderful story! You really did an amazing job.
9/12/2009 c26 4Priscilla Shay
lmao ice..

I read this when you published but never got the chance to review.

Since they're together now...and the season's over...is the story almost over? :(

9/12/2009 c26 5itsVKEE

i thoroughly enjoyed this story. it was good it didnt end like a cheesy movie/book would with the couple kissing and what not.

brotherly love. i may have cried once somewhere along the way XD
9/11/2009 c26 3Knowledge is Power
9/11/2009 c26 4Paige Cruz
oh gosh, you just reduced me into a puddle of cheese - that is, if said cheese has less viscosity than the usual gooey consistency of cheddar and mozzarella... aw heck, I'm not making sense here at all, but oh well..

okay, I have mixed feelings with Bryce. I mean, around Ellie, he seems like the still-sometimes-sweet ex thingy-guy.. (haha), but around Andrew... he's an all-around arse. But I think that's what you wanted to achieve, so yeah...

aw... York'll be going to uni soon, ey? He will be missed (but he's not gone yet, so yay!). I'm a little bummed that this story's coming to an end soon, though... I'm hoping to read other stories from you in the near future.

it's 11:23PM and I need to get some homework done before I hit the hay, so..

Good job! keep 'em coming. :)
9/10/2009 c26 sandra
i love the last sentence"where's the ice?'
9/9/2009 c26 nevershoutnever

lovely couple.

I so totally want to play

soccer now.

but i suck at it. :|
9/7/2009 c26 18ManiacalByMoonlight
Haha! This chapter made me smile. :] Especially the last part.

... I love the ice incident. And the little exchange of friendly/brotherly awesomeness. Yay for small details.

Wonderful chapter... I'll definitely be looking forward to more, as usual. :D
9/7/2009 c26 pbgurl
aw, and here I was hoping Andrew would kick the crap out of Bryce. Oh well there's always next time :)

Loved the Ellie/Andrew moments. Those two are cute together!

-Liz :D
9/7/2009 c26 4LaMeO1
this was a touching chapter

i feel for york.

high five on a great chapter

update soon

8/22/2009 c25 nevershoutnever
it's so so short.

oh Bryce such a sexxy name

but than Andrew oh gollygebers x)
8/22/2009 c25 4Paige Cruz
cue loud aww..

as much as I love Ellie and Andrew together, I think it's comforting to see some rekindled 'friendship' between Ellie and Bryce.. :) hope they don't get crushed by St. Dahlberg's, though..
8/21/2009 c25 18ManiacalByMoonlight
Sweet chapter. :] And awesome, of course.

I actually really like seeing an old bond between Ellie and Bryce..

and what's between Ellie and Andrew... even awesomer.

Whoo! I'll be looking forward to the next chapter, as always!
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