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4/20/2002 c1 natasha
wow, really really good, it showz how real ppl do act and how bad human nature is
7/22/2001 c1 2Evelyn Johnson
this was also very different..i liked this one a lot too...it was neat
6/6/2001 c1 1Jello1
WOW! That was exellent. I guess thats what u'd call a backstabber ehh. Well i guess i kinda know how it feels to have everything turned around just because of one simple action that took place. The little supsense there was great also. Thats gonna become one of my favorites. Oh yeah. With out a doubt it will.
6/3/2001 c1 50Kittioto
That... HORRIFIED me. ~Shudder~ Murder... Blood... Secrets spilled... I'm getting chills here. ~Rubs arms~ Deep though. ~Darts eyes around the room~
5/10/2001 c1 23audi
... this sounds almost like a SVH thing... weird...
4/17/2001 c1 29Honey Kitten
Wow! That's really deep. You are a really good writer, to be able to get so much feeling into something without any background. It could be made into a longer story (I'm not saying you should, and I'm not trying to critize, it's really great!), but it's fine short to. Hope you continue writing! And thanks for reviewing mine!

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