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for Passion versus Apathy

1/2/2010 c1 10closetninety
I don't know anything about speeches,

but that was a fun hook.

You really piqued my interest when you

mentioned zombies^^

But parts of this would also make a great

hook&intro(although it might be a problem

to use only this as an essay).

Nicely done!
7/4/2008 c1 16Long Island Iced Tea
Woah this is very, very nice. And true actually - though I believe that zombiesm is taking over our schools, the younger generation (yesh I know I sound about fifty years old right now, can't help it, I even talk like this in rl calling people 'my dear children' and stuff like that)...

Mass-produced - a picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes a word can also be worth a thousand pictures, don't you think so? At least this word seemed to, for me.

Waiting for a chance to shine, for a window of opportunity to open and for the right people to walk into their lives and make them feel alive.

Sometimes I feel like this. On the bus more often than not. Or the toilet. Amazing the deep, philosophical things you can think about while you're showering...
7/3/2008 c1 Marie Silver
Hey Alexis. This essay (and yes it's in the right category) is well written, clear, a little emotive and thought provoking. All in all, a great essay in which I have nothing to nitpick. Did you get a good mark for this?

~Marie Silver~
6/22/2008 c1 3Aloria
man... I live with a zombie.

It's rather irritating and heartbreaking when someone you love has no life beyond the back room of your house, behind a computer, reading fanfiction (though there's nothing WRONG with fanfiction, but when that's ALL you do ...all day... every day...)

It is an epidemic, I think, but then, it's also a coping mechanism for people who don't know how to interact with the world anymore. It has gone beyond what they expected their life to be like and they just don't know what to do with themselves anymore... at least, that's the excuse I make for my Zombie.

In the end, it IS a personal choice to be or not be. To be WHAT is the question.
6/20/2008 c1 6fourleafclover713
So zombies are real after all!

I really like this. It was very well written.

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