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11/1/2008 c10 14signofthedevil01
that was great i hope you get more in.
10/28/2008 c1 9Callie McRea

i love being able to read almost all the chaps befor any one else...but now u haven't even updadted in you spiral and i can only read theM here!

you need to start up the other story...thought i wouldn't till this one is done! you should finish this one soon! and give me ur spiral and i'll give u my books!

10/27/2008 c10 darkangel
What's with the cliffhanger! The story is way too good to just leave off! I have to admit, mixing the modern world and Greek mythology was ingenius.
9/24/2008 c9 9MaskedNightingale
Getting somewhere. Since you said it was your first story i won't get too hard on you, but I have to say your writing is a bit confusing. I don't really know how to explain it, but yeah. This is good helping critisicm (wow I spelled that wrong), I'm not just trying to be mean or anything, so yeah.
9/4/2008 c9 xo.music.xo
love the story.

[just wanted to add it to my alert list =] ]
9/4/2008 c9 xx.music.xx
good story.

i can't wait for more =]
8/28/2008 c2 5MrTentacles
I actually think this isn't well-written.

I'm not trying to be a jackass.

I just think that this needs a LOT of work.

You need to go into detail, go back and give some insight on past events leading up.

As it's your first story, I'll forgive the errors for that reason.

You just need to work on your writing.
8/27/2008 c9 3Daggian
Oh, you are right, this is even worse! -glare- I really ought to update my stories...I forgot where I put the chapter outlines...oops?...I guess...Anyway, sup? Update soon so I don't die of...well...cliffie-nesseses! -looks at self like self needs some sane pills-
8/25/2008 c9 3Wannabewizard
What? I didn't get that chapter.

8/24/2008 c9 rachel hardy
hey thats great but why did you stop it there meanie

i cant hurry and put up a story because i am stuck and dont have one yet sry

help me
8/19/2008 c8 3Daggian
I just got around to getting on the net again...And finally read...Very cruel of you to stop right there. I liked this chapter and find it hilarious how he's trying to keep his secret. Well, I hope you update soon.
8/18/2008 c8 47Helizabeth
DUNDUNDUN! how can you leave a cliffhanger like that and not even get the joy of cackling "CLIFFHANGER!" at the end? that's half the fun! oh, and the Darth Vader theme song is pretty damn awesome too!
8/18/2008 c7 Helizabeth
Lilyan sounds really cool!
8/18/2008 c2 Helizabeth
power to the punch! go her! don't take their shit!
8/18/2008 c1 Helizabeth
ugh, i hate HSM! Anyway, i'm reading this because the summary intrigued me, and i'm bored. love the sparkly pants! my friend said i was tired once becasue i was fucking Pedro the Pool Boy who is spanish in some way
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