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for The Making of Misery and Worry

8/10/2008 c1 vermouthsedation
my god, this is good stuff.

i really enjoyed reading the story. you write extremely well.

probably THE best story i've ever read. ;D
7/6/2008 c1 arcane devices
From beginning to end, this was a tersely intricate writ. It shows a little bit of insight on what's to come in my own future, and the blunt mannerism in which it was written is really commendable. I have to appreciate all the quirky, bitchy one-liners your professor makes because they're just so darn clever. Let's just say if you had an e-blog, it'd be a damn interesting read. H.A.G.S. indeed.

6/24/2008 c1 42Green Yoshi
Funny, you told me all of this already and yet reading it I still feel left out and clueless. I mean, I wasn't really there but. I was. Kind of. Oh well, I'll always love reading your writing anyway. It always catches and keeps my attention.

I hope I have lots more to read soon.
6/21/2008 c1 25destinee's notebook
Interesting. I admit I skimmed, and there are enough allusions in that for me not to get, so I'm fav-ing it and coming back for it later when I'm in uni in two years.

- Des

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