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for Candy from Strangers

11/26/2008 c1 Moonpig123
Very good. The disturbing payoff at the end of the tale was genuinely shocking, and the tension you built up in the lead-up to that was a good example of dramatic foreshadowing. Considering events such as this really happened, reading this story made me feel quite uncomfortable (in the way I imagine you intended people to feel!).

Thumbs up from me.
6/30/2008 c1 31ByYourSide
That's... horrible!


What was going on at the time, not the actual writing, because that's crisp and clean. It's just sickening what happened to those poor children, and to all the others that died because of Dr. Ishii's "research."

O the world we live in. *sigh*
6/22/2008 c1 10Friend of the ABC
This is interesting... I just went to a museum in today (I live in Shanghai, but I'm visiting another city called Dalian) where they had a section about the human experimentation that the Japanese did. I like the title very much. It reminds me of the Ellen Page movie, "Hard Candy." Anyway, I thought this story was rather short, but it was good. Keep writing!
6/22/2008 c1 6The Crazy Talk Kid
That's twisted.

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