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7/31/2011 c1 5Luridpretty
There are some unclear lines here, like "my head spun that even the slightest attempt at thinking made it throb in pain". I would suggest maybe replacing that with "my head spun so much that even..." because that might be clearer? I don't know. I might just be misreading it.

This is a very interesting prologue, it really draws you in and makes you want more. I'm curious as to what happens to Cameron now and why he/she (I don't know yet, haha) is in pain. The ending is sad, but it's a good kind of sad, the kind that leaves you feeling for the character. The part about the pendulum in motion is very beautiful, it's what really hooked me in. Good job.
7/22/2011 c1 9XXXAdeleXXX
Really want to read this looks good... Can't believ it has so many reviews. Will review it when I read it.(not in the mood now sorry)
7/13/2011 c12 deadgummiegirl
Woah. I totally forgot about this story. Its been a long time since you've updated! So I had to read the whole thing over again but it was totally worth it because this chapter was really good! Hopefully you'll update sooner this next time! :)
6/19/2009 c11 4bela13
yay more story i can't wait to see more
5/1/2009 c10 21Faith Adeline
Good chapter, I was excited to see an update (: Keep it up and update soon!

4/26/2009 c10 3Freddy Teddy
Why did it end!
4/26/2009 c3 Freddy Teddy
Why didn't he4 try any of this before? shr said he knew her for years.
11/16/2008 c9 20Twilight Starr
It was a very interesting chapter. You have me intrigued. I shall continue reading. Please update soon. =]

~Twilight Starr
9/3/2008 c9 Peachez 24
HAHA! So... finally we know why these two know and see each other all the time and why he randomly stole her away from her comfy little apartment. Perhaps it is easier to protect her with the rest of the family around? Hm.. poor girl is stuck with him no matter what. Anyway, thank you for finally explaining! Keep writing and update soon!

Peachez ^_~
9/3/2008 c8 Peachez 24
Another lovely chapter! haha, and cookie or no I'll always reivew. Well... at least stories I like...

Anyway, a little confusing... again! but interesting enough. So she remembers the pain I'm going to assume is from a transformation? Hm.. maybe not... anyway I'm sure you'll tell us all why very shortly. Keep writing and update soon!

Peachez ^_~
9/3/2008 c7 Peachez 24
So sorry I haven't kept up and reviewed but I've had a lot going on... Anyway, lovely chapter. FINALLY get a little bit of information. Although only a little. I'll have to read on and find out more(one plus with not keeping up) And I do regret not being able to... but now I get to enjoy more than one chapter of your writing! Keep writing and update soon!

Peachez ^_~
9/1/2008 c9 4Lady Macbeth's Murderer
Very good chapter with god suspension. Can't wait to find out what happens with Carmen now!

Loved the rain description btw.

8/30/2008 c9 21Faith Adeline
I'm really confused now hahaha. I don't really get what happened in this chapter. I mean, I get what happened. But it was so...out of place? I don't know...Did she know remember what happened before or...what? I'm just lost. Hopefully next chapter will clear it. Update soon!

8/30/2008 c9 xbrunnettex0
okay i am really confused. i thought she never met the Rayvers? or did she and she just didnt rememeber it.
8/30/2008 c9 4bela13
i like your story so far i didn't read the other vertion of it i also like the O.O.O.O.O.O. as brakes write more
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