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2/3/2009 c3 3Typing Typhoon
I got bored, so I'm re-R&Ring all of the chapters of my favorite stories that I haven't submitted my reviews for yet.

Random? Yes.

Awesome? Very.

Your story? The latter. :)
1/7/2009 c5 Typing Typhoon
Eh, it was okay. Still witty, but the chapters could be a little longer. If your story ever gets real big, Fred will be a Fiction Press icon.
1/6/2009 c4 Typing Typhoon
That was, and is, an epic story! :D

I don't know where the fantasy part comes in' but humor would have served as a more suitable genre. Anyway, that was probably the wittiest story I have read here so far.
12/2/2008 c2 4helixdown
Well, once again, thanks for the review. This chapter was short, but it was decent. As always its humorous, but i'd like to ask two questions.

1.) Have you given up on this story? It has been updated in a while, i just want to know if i can expect anymore to this story.

2.) What did you mean by you'd love a sequel? I haven't even finished the story yet. (I'm actually only about one third way through to be honest.)
12/1/2008 c1 helixdown
Tanks for the review, i think it only fair for me to review back. Well, although this story seems to be one of relative obnoxiousness, the writing is fine, and it's pretty funny at parts. So good job.

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