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10/6/2015 c1 JuliaHikari
Being the year 2015 I do still hope you'll come back and finish this piece, I've re read it every October since I found it in 2009. This is a really beautiful story, your world and discroptions aren't like anything I've read and yeah I just really love this story...
5/21/2011 c4 1Springerlight
It'd be great to be able to read more of this ^^

I wanna see Samhain again~ *immature*
4/22/2010 c4 RitaHouston
i love this story plz update plz
12/16/2008 c4 custard cat
This is getting really good! Please write some more soon, i'm dying to k now what happens next. The characters are awesome! :D
11/21/2008 c4 17JtheChosen1
CrAzY stuff here! absolutely LUV it!
8/8/2008 c4 1CharismaticOutCry
I quite like this story!

I've never read anything like it!

I love the your writing style and the characters!

Can't wait for an update!

8/8/2008 c4 2Aivine
I love Sigurian. He's so funny and cute. I feel bad for him, too. I would hate so much to go out into a big, scary, dangerous city and have to find a cheap apartment close to campus. Which is nearly impossible in a big city after the school year has started. Ugh. Poor Siggy.

Great job, though! I love it so much. Sigurian's life seems so hard, but it also seems pretty realistic in and of itself. Like I was talking with my brother last night: "Reality sucks. Damn reality. I hate reality." Don't we all? Haha. Good luck!
8/8/2008 c4 HazeleyedHoney
What another great story! Sorry I haven't reviewed, but every time I see you've posted another chapter I seem to be really busy. But now I'm not. Here are my questions:

1. How will Siggy and Samhain have a relationship? Will they only get to see each other for one night every Halloween? Or will Samhain take Siggy back to where he lives for awhile?

2. What was that burst of orange flame on Siggy's hand?

3. Will we see the Virus and the professor come to some sort of justice?

I know you probably can't answer these without giving away the story. I just wanted to let you know what questions go threw my mind when I read this story. Update soon!
8/4/2008 c1 Rebel-Angel6
Holy crap... I'd be screaming and running off like a chicken with its head cut off. o.O

Good story by the way
8/1/2008 c3 Aivine
Oh, wow! Poor Sigurian. He's telling the truth, and the Dean still believes him, but he doesn't have enough evidence. I hate Veronica and the stupid professor. He's not even important enough for me to remember his name. I spit on him. Bwah.

I loved this chapter! It left me really wanting to read more. I hope you have (or had, I'm not sure...) fun on your holiday! :D Beautiful job! Good luck!
7/18/2008 c3 3Daydream Nation
The first chapter doesn't seem to really fit with the third..I mean, the prose style is kind of different. But I guess that makes chapter one just seem more surreal and fantastical? There's still a certain inconsistency there though.

I think this third chapter gives the story a bit more character. Sigurian -lol, obscure name. But it's better than that swedish couple that named their kid "″- seems more alive now.
7/8/2008 c2 lpluver
i really like this story, and you did an excellent piece of writting in chapter 1, for i must say it was too good that i do not know what to say. I would really like to see how this story would proceed. plz update! (btw the roomate is such a slut)
7/8/2008 c2 2Aivine
Oh, I loved this chapter. It makes me want to read the next one. Very good!

Sigurian is an interesting character, as is Halloween. They're both very different, and I like that. It makes reading about them even more great.

I also love the use of present tense. Most people don't use that, and it's a good change. It sounds good with the story. It just works.

Wonderful job! Good luck!
6/29/2008 c1 Aivine
Whoa. That was amazing. I was reading it and was absolutely astounded by the details and description in it. Your description is always so wonderful. I love it!

I think it would be very good if you continued it, but if you didn't, that would be okay, too. It would be amazing if you continued it, though!

Lovely job! Good luck!
6/27/2008 c1 3Daydream Nation
I really like. ;P

The descriptions in the beginning were really well written, and the format they were written it was cool, but it was a bit too...much.

And the rest was quite interesting. Spooky, with a bit of humor. Nice combo.

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