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2/16/2009 c1 bluhbluhbluh
Hey, there. ^_^

This little one shot is wonderful- I think that the feelings conveyed here feel true, at least to me. I can relate with Ace; that's what made it real to me. That's the best part! I really love that you included a bisexual/homosexual relationship (with two sexy guys, haha) because while some people try, the feelings are fake and they fail miserably. But you didn't fail!

Hope you continue the awesome work! I will check out all your other stuff, too. ^_^
2/3/2009 c1 2SecretWhispers
This was amazing. Ace and Rodeo's relationship was wonderful. You wrote this perfectly.
1/15/2009 c1 5GASPtrinitrotoluene
WOW. i'd love to hear more on them. ya know, it's funny. my lover is bi aswell and we had the EXACT same conversation. Almost word for word... add another chapter and give me hope for the future! (i was the part of Ace :( )
1/2/2009 c1 Anna Raffaella
This is sweet and hot and perfect and suggestive and angsty and troublesome and did I say hot?


Good job!
12/21/2008 c1 lazyxhime
12/20/2008 c1 54big.break.and.laryngitis
aw. that's sweet. i like it.
11/24/2008 c1 gumdropspimp
That's cute :D I kinda wanted more drama but this is fine too :D
11/10/2008 c1 2TRSNG
I don't always review, mainly because I'm a hypocrite, but a great lil' oneshot with only 10 reviews? That's silly.

I've vaguely wondered about jealousy in intersexual relationships (I totally just made that word up) and your story was a lovely beginning-middle-and-end piece that is as sweet as it is angsty.

Thanks for that!
11/5/2008 c1 23firestar267
Aww i really liked this! It was very original and well written :)
10/6/2008 c1 17JtheChosen1
nothing is hotter than jealous sex!
8/16/2008 c1 32insanityxspeaks
Aww that was adorable! I really loved it.
7/21/2008 c1 magalina
That was adorable, I loved it :) Keep it up~!
7/20/2008 c1 36Qui
Mm, I really liked this. It was gooey and fluffy and cute, but also had you wondering for a while there...

I really liked it!

7/13/2008 c1 silverdragon4736
Oh Bloody Hell! The ending was so buggering hilarious I still can't stop laughing!

7/4/2008 c1 Le1chi
Wow, I like it. Rodeo sounded like a total douchebag at first but I see what he means...
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