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for Hate Mail From Cheerleaders

5/24/2009 c1 Icyfire4w5
Hi! Thank you very much for reminding me that everyone is unique, because I have been feeling down...
2/26/2009 c1 16Long Island Iced Tea
sitting a grand piano

It would be 'at a', but the imagery is very cute! I'm sure I've got loads of photos like that stuck in the old albums... little kids pose so cutely don't they?

Just think about it… you are ripping hair out of your face. And we call this normal?

It is kind of yeowch I guess, though I've never done it before.

Wow, it was very nice. I thought it'd be a story, but it wasn't, I guess :)
2/25/2009 c1 71Subbie
Your summary is great, that's what attracted it to me in the first place.

I definitely like the style of this piece. It's quite funny and I found myself laughing aloud several times while reading.

One thing that was a pleasant suprise was that it was more of a ... letter, than a story. The summary didn't hint at that, and I found myself enjoying the way you spoke.

I have a few questions, like, "Why did the cheerleaders hate you so much?" and also, "Is this a true narrative?"

I think this is one of my favorite pieces of writing, and I'm definitely putting an alert on you. ;).

1/13/2009 c1 asdfgh
haha. i loved this. it was funny and pleasurable to read. made perfect "be proud of who you are" sense. i especially liked the 'i hate you' notes part. those pink papers are sure pretty! xD ever wonder if they write hate letters just for the heck of it?
10/11/2008 c1 1hurricanelucy
Aw, that was great! The last sentence has to be my favorite, by far..

And, you write with an awesome flow. I have trouble with that at times, lol.

Anways, I loved it! And I can't wait to read more of your stuff!
9/26/2008 c1 19S. M. Saves
A nice play on stereotypes. I can say this without feeling resentment because I'm a band geek and not a cheerleader. GO BAND GEEKS!

It's a humourous piece but I can see where it teeters on the line between joking and insulting. I'm happy that you're one of the writers who can write with maturity and not turn a piece with stereotypes into a bash-fest.

Awesome job!
8/8/2008 c1 11the ignorance of it all
Very well written. The fact that I can relate to the character's emotions actually had me laughing out loud.

I must say that I strongly disagree with a couple of your reviewers. I saw and loved the moral of the story. I've had so many labels put on me, but the glue was never strong enough to even leave a spec of goopiness that got dust and stuff caught on it.(That last part had nothing to do with the metaphor, but don't you hate it when stickers do that?) - If the story has been edited since the reviews were posted, then I'm very, very sorry.

I have to agree that some of the stereotypes are, while still cute, a bit exagerrated. I'm not a cheerleader, and I certainly never will be, nor do I know any personally, but I still found that you were a bit harsh with them.

I thought that the summary made it confusing, as it's by "Rick," and in another story you'd put one of your own poems as a quote, so I thought that the main character was a boy up until the paragraph about makeup and dresses. But that could just be my own horrible slowness, as I saw that no one else made a comment about that.

Just a little thing I thought I'd point out:

In the first paragraph is written "five and a half inches long by seven inches tall," as a description of a picture. I'd just like to point out that most pictures are horizontal, and that is the description of a vertical one. I wasn't sure if that was intentional.

Keep writing! =)
8/1/2008 c1 4Stylo

I love this piece. It's one of the very, very few genuinely intelligent pieces on this entire site. I completely agree with you.

Congratulations on being a teenager with self esteem :). That, if nothing else, makes you "gifted."

7/17/2008 c1 1Sounis
Had I gone to another highschool, the one all of the students in my elementary school went to I would be the nerd. I am not even remotely intellegent but I enjoy learning and so make an extra effort in all of my studies. It was not always so, I was the loner, starting from my first day in first grade. By sixth grade I had decided to conform. I was the kid who just barely passed tests and passed with 70s. However in seventh grade I had a teacher who was amazing. He said that it was important to conform, but only to conform with the right people. I am in ninth grade now and have done so, I have few close friends, ranging from the cheerleaders to nerds, tomboys and over acheivers. The important thing to know is that friendships with different people help you learn how to deal with the different people who you will meet in the workforce no matter what job you have.

7/2/2008 c1 21Nina Kindred
Spoken like a true individual. I love it. I was a wrestling coach in my small high school, and I had an IQ of 149. Cheerleaders hated me. Some of them still do, but they are way more screwed up than me and way worse off in general. I don't miss the hate mail, but I do get a good laugh out of where all that popularity got them.
7/1/2008 c1 Anon
It's amusing, but you come across as a hypocrite with the "cheerleaders write on pink stationary and dot their i's with hearts and are all named Amber!" It's an intentionally exaggerated stereotype, but there's still a tone of resentment to it, and it kinda negates the whole point of the essay. (And I don't know a single cheerleader who acts anything like the ones you've met.) Try to keep the humorous tone without bringing any hostility and stereotypes into it, and your argument that we are all unique will be more convincing.
7/1/2008 c1 14M.J. Roy
Well-written, although I think your tone came off as a bit defensive and resentful.

It was interesting. I agree with a previous review, though, that the point was kind of lost.

Still, a nice read.

Keep Writing,


P.S. I resent the cheerleader statements! Nearly half of my best friends are cheerleaders and not a single one is named Amber or writes on pink stationery, hahah. Seriously though, stereotypes are resented by everyone-both the "nerds" and the cheerleaders. If you stick up for the way people view one, it's kind of silly to make assumptions about the other.
6/30/2008 c1 10Halan Lore
The whole pink hearts on stationary was funny. Thanks for writing I liked it.
6/29/2008 c1 20Twilight Starr
I really like how you got into character and got your point across while being funny. It was an enjoyable read. Nice work. Keep writing!

Good luck with writing, this piece, and life. Have a lovely day and a wonderful summer.

~Twilight Starr~
6/29/2008 c1 6what.the.pants
It's written well, but doesn't really have a point. And if it does, it's not really prominent.

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