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7/24/2008 c2 3arial-96
Hey there!

Sorry I took so long to review, I was pritty busy the last couple weeks. I enjoyed this chapter very much, it had me laughing, just like the last one.

"Go math! Yeah right."

Haha. Overall this chapter was great, but just a small bit of advise: boredly is NOT a word.

Hope you write more soon,

7/4/2008 c2 buri-kun
That principal sure seems like a character- i'd love to know a bit more about his motives. also, perhaps soome background on the 'law' that was mentioned?
6/29/2008 c1 arial-96

Very intresting and intreging! My favorite line (which made me laugh, even though it might not have been meant to) was:

"I heard her hesitant confusion in the syllable, almost like she knew it was wrong to be confused by a suicidal pedestrian."

I am beginning to love the abstract art of sci-fi writing and will follow your story as long as you keep writing it.

I really hope you write more soon.


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