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8/24/2008 c8 5TheLadyPendragon
XDD Wow, they're so cute together. I'm glad they found a way to semi-converse during school or poor Zack might have been upset. I love the scene on the rooftop where Nightghost gave him a massage. It made me go AWW inside. lol
8/18/2008 c8 JAke
i cant believe sean and zack had sex wow crazy chapter keep writing
8/11/2008 c1 eloogsul
this chapter was pretty good i wold have never expected nighghost to be sean that was an awesome chapetr
8/11/2008 c7 TheLadyPendragon
Don't ask how, but at the beginning of this chapter I kept thinking 'What if Sean, the guy Zack's always competeing with, is Nightghost?' I was surprised to see the guess pan out though XDD Aw, I love this chapter. Especially when Nightghost got scolded...poor guy, but I can't feel too bad for him, he got kissed right after. lol This is the only story on my favorites that updates regularly. :)
8/7/2008 c6 ashemk
Such an interesting concept~! I'm really liking this.
8/5/2008 c1 eloogsul
This book so far is awesome but i have a question anyone can answer Is thunderskin a guy or girl because the nme of the main character is zack flint so is zack (or thunderskin) a guy or girl?

Keep writing this story is the best
8/5/2008 c6 TheLadyPendragon
XDD I saw he hints all throughout this chapter, 'I didn't get to see Nightghost today', but I didn't think we'd get to see a kiss. Aw :) That was cute...except when Nightghost ran away. Oh well, Thunderskin will straighten him out. :P Good chapter, I can't wait 'til next week. :D
8/5/2008 c6 1Rae Kitano
Oh Nightghost, such a sweetheart. It took him long enough and now he's gone shy.

I love this story, well done.
8/4/2008 c1 J.A. Timely
Coolio, I liked it, Keep writin'
8/1/2008 c5 5TheLadyPendragon
Yay, I found it! I read this on LJ but then I wanted to find it here with all the chappy's together so I typed it in on search and voila, here it is. :) And I know I commented on LJ but I want to review too since this is so cool. :D
7/28/2008 c5 1Rae Kitano
I like the realitiy of your story told from the Superhero's point of view.

It acually makes all your hero's really cool to think that they are just normal people with special abilities.
7/27/2008 c4 Rae Kitano
This is great. I'm really enjoying your story.

I like your hero names and their powers seem awesome.

I look forward to reading more.
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