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for Forever Caught in Vertigo

11/7/2008 c1 26Misstress Nicole

I liked the scheme and flow of the piece. It seemed to have lost the rhyme at parts but it didn't interrupt the easy flow. It's a nice laid back piece but there's no real depth to it, the imagery is shallow. The piece didn't evoke emotion and I felt nothing after reading it.
8/20/2008 c1 45deefective
Oh, this was so enjoyable to read. I really like the imagery you created with your words because not only does it bring the poem to life but every verse creates a new image in the readers head. Also, the rhyming wasn't bad either. Normally, I think it would've been cheesy but you made everything flow nicely enough. Nothing felt forced or cliche. Good job.
7/4/2008 c1 62Kiwi-kiwi6
Very good poem. I love the rhyming and rhythm. I have a question: is this from a personal experience?

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