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1/3/2009 c3 47Helizabeth
you last updated in October? yeah, you've lost any readers. except for people like me who put stories on alert and then forget about them, then when a new chapter comes out, they end up reading the entire story again because it sounds interesting. or in my case, the characters sound fucking hot.
1/3/2009 c2 Helizabeth
aw, Lio sounds fucking adorable! i want to hug him! and then punch Charlie for being so stupid. wait! no, i wouldn't do that! i would punch Manie for being a dick. i have a friend who's living with a guy named Manie 'cause his parent's kicked him out. oo, i hope he's not getting abused! great, now you've made me paranoid about everyone named Manie!
1/3/2009 c1 Helizabeth
i was bored and waiting for my green nail polish to dry, so i was looking at people's profiles, and following all the links, and trying to figure out why people were on my favorites, and i looked at all the pictures you had (even though i hadn't read the story) and i was like, fuck me in the ass, Lio is the hottest person i've ever seen, so i had to come read it. yay for random kissing!
10/18/2008 c3 1insertidentityhere
I totally love this story! I love love love it! I can't believe I never noticed it before. I feel bad for Charlie, but at the same time he kinda is an idiot. :/ Lio, though, is probably my favorite. He's amazing. I don't know how else to describe him, but I'll try. Well, he's an awesome friend and that give major points in my book. He's caring, and a movieaholic, and, and...Amazing. C:

(And I kinda feel the need to tell you sorry about not reading/reviewing for a while, if you care. Been on a World of Warcraft fling. Yes, I am a geek D:)
10/7/2008 c3 17Cattails
Oh, awkward O_o I'm impressed Lio didn't throttle him. And they missed the movie! D: And every chapter I dislike Maine just a little bit more (which is saying something, cuz I already want to drop-kick off a tall mountain). Haha, I liked that last scene. Very cute. :P
8/22/2008 c2 I Could Delete You
Aww...Lio is so sweet. I think Charlie is partially crazy for actually sticking with Maine, but I can kinda understand where he's coming from. Maine, well, there's not much I can say. Except that I think he's a total poophead for pushing Charlie down the stairs. I like it though. Actually, I think your other story is a teensy bit funnier, but, still. Good writing.

H's and K's,

A Touch of Insanity
8/10/2008 c1 1Sara Frisch
Yes. It's me. Again. And yes, I should probably get a life.

Thanks for the advice, seriously helpful. And, just for the record, you're the only person I asked. Feel special. Have a cookie.
8/8/2008 c2 4Sweet-Cakesz24
I like this story. It's sad the fact that Charlie is in an abbusive relationship. Anyways can't wait to read the next one!=]
8/4/2008 c2 5gummybaby
hm...I like it. I feel so bad for poor Charlie though...
8/4/2008 c2 17Cattails
I love Lio XD He's such an oddball. And he's so sweet! I think he should just kidnap Charlie to keep him away from Maine. It'd work! :D But at least Charlie realizes the problem...hm, maybe Lio could seduce him... Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/4/2008 c2 kiminaru
interesting. Definitely want to see where you are going with this. Can't wait for next update
8/4/2008 c2 3pandorka42
Bah. Too short for a measly monthly update. But much appreciated all the same. ;) I was just thinking about this story a few days ago too! I'm glad you got another part up. Please do so again in the VERY RECENT and near future. Hahaha.

I'm going to go check out those 'pitchas' of these wondrously amusing characters on your profile.

Have a great week!

7/19/2008 c1 1Kiminaru
Holy shit! One chapter and I already love this story! Please, please, please update soon!
7/4/2008 c1 17Cattails
Well, this looks like it'll be fun to read. I like Charlie's personality. Maine is a bit of a tosser, though, isn't he? But I guess that adds drama and reason for Charlie to go to Lio (who I really like :P). Looking forward to reading more! (Is 'Our Own Path' going to be continued?)
7/4/2008 c1 3pandorka42

I love it. And for good reason too! I love the quirky characters I found out enough to feel the need to keep reading further. I love the plot line you have-highly original and captivating. And your writing style makes it a worthwhile read! The way it's written pulls me right into the story and you've successfully kept me wanting more in the end. :)

I hope you update soon!
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