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12/28/2008 c3 9Shang
Well, this had a feeling for a filler somewhat, but it was nice to meet the crimelords (I especially liked Dog Face for some reason).

The end of the chapter makes me a little eager, coz I'm hoping that the hitmen will have a challange during this assignment.

Overall, I'm still quite found of the crazy mix you placed in this story and I am hoping to read some more of it in the near future.

Good luck with future chapters.
12/13/2008 c3 2Da Paladin
I'm so glad you updated this story, it has such a kickass setting. I wish your colorful cast of anti heroes the best of luck.
12/9/2008 c3 Equilibrium
You have no idea how much I laughed at the four villians (or are they antiheros?) in the car. I think you portrayed their characters very well - they are very easily recognised due to their distinct personalities even at the part written all in dialogue. That's tough to do.

The meeting of the warlords was very impressively choreographed. You did introduce a lot of characters all at once, but to your credit it's not easly to forget who's who.

I really enjoyed this. Update soon!
8/23/2008 c1 627Jave Harron
I noticed several grammatical errors in this intro chapter (and it was fairly long for an intro chapter). But I will keep reading.
8/18/2008 c2 2Da Paladin
Wow you created an impresive mix of different genres. Cheshire and Bill are my favorite characters so far not sure why. Keep up the good work.
8/8/2008 c2 9Shang
Finally got enough time to read this.

It was good, although I'm a bit disappointed that the 'main team' (which I assume Ten Guns etc. are) didn't appear in this chapter.

It's good to see that other gangs do have their own 'stars', the most interesting were Hernando and Mollie. Sad part is there still wasn't really much challenge to the battle. I do hope it'll change once thos four will go against Cup O'Joe's goons.

Overall I'm anxious about the next chapter.

I gotta admit this idea of yours is quite twisted, mixing many, different story types, but somehow it really does work through.

Good work.
8/4/2008 c2 4Guardian's Light
You can definitely come up with a lot of interesting characters and abilities. I await the next chapter.
8/2/2008 c2 Equilibrium
Absolutely can't wait for the next chapter.

The Violet Ogre idea was very creative indeed, it really repulsed me (which I suppose is the intended effect). The relationship between Mollie and Chris is also cute in an unorthodox way.

Happy writing!
7/14/2008 c1 Guardian's Light
Very interesting, and unique. A gang war that involves a lot of different participants. Can't wait to read more.
7/10/2008 c1 9Shang
I must say that the world you made for this story certainly seems odd... but in a rather nice way (granted, with the way things are established, I somehow think this being more of a comedy would seem more fitting).

Some of the hitmen are actually quite interesting, I specifically liked Cal and Bambi, the first having skills that may make his battles quite interesting, the latter for being simply original (although I'm guessing she's something of a hybrid between mermaid and a vampire).

For now the hitmen got their wins easily, but if the story will be centered on them, I sure hope they'll encounter challenges more difficult.

From the gangs, the A.I. Gang and Vengeful Skulls seems the most promising, but I guess you can add more gangs in the future.

I'm also curious as to what this is all about. The most natural assumption is that some 'new guy' is trying to take over the gangster world (kinda like Kingpin) by sending the gangs at each other and eliminating potencial treats.

Either way I think I'm gonna enjoy this piece: it's original enough and nicely written with extraordinary characters. My type of story. Good job.

I'll keep an eye out for updates, but in the meantime perhaps I could interest you in my works?

Anyways, take care and good luck on future chapters.
7/6/2008 c1 Equilibrium
Sorry for the delay - lack of internet access for the last few days.

I dunno if I mentioned this in the email (one or two copies got deleted by accident and I have no idea which got to you in the end), but you have a very interesting cast of villians. I particularly like the shapeshifter and the songstress - both are unorthodox as well as interesting. And the heart-man is decidedly... odd.

Waiting impatiently for chapter 2.

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