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for like a colour

2/20/2010 c1 RipplingEbbulience
Well done!

I like the end very much.

Keep writing.

-Rippling ebullience
12/31/2009 c11 6fictionalboyfriend
Oh, I like this.

You really aren't sparing on yourself in your poetry or your photography, are you? It's truth or nothing.
12/26/2009 c9 26Mirabella
Wow. :) It's like the peron gave their heart o that their dream world could live and be. :)

It's amazing. :)

"and i filled the walls with art

and the streets with music" - beautiful and artistic!
12/26/2009 c2 Mirabella
Intriguing and well done. Has depth even though it is only short. :) Bravo. :)
12/10/2009 c10 katt
i really like the format of this piece. especially between the first two segments, where you've cut "i" from the rest of the sentence. it adds a felling of separation not only in the obvious sense of in the poem, but also a separation within the speaker. beautiful =]

12/8/2009 c10 Isca
I love how all of the words are sort of jumbled together. It gives the piece a wonderful stream-of-consciousness flow. :)
11/28/2009 c5 1tonight we bloom
love this, it's so beautiful and raw and honest.
11/28/2009 c2 tonight we bloom
8/9/2009 c7 Isca
"Nothing has a name here." I like this line - it's very powerful and profound - it's almost as if the speaker is in the 'dream land' where the names for new feelings and colours and such are not known by anyone but 'the creator.'
8/9/2009 c9 Isca
"I forgive you." The tone of this line is very startling and moving. This line connects quite well to the line "it just is." Sometimes we cannot control the things that happen in our life. I like that the speaker is so strong, though - they're resilient - they'll build their own city of dreams. Keep up the great work. :)
8/5/2009 c9 6fictionalboyfriend
I really, really, REALLY REALLY REALLY like this poem. Can I keep it? I promise I'll feed it and walk it and scoop its poop! Every day!

Seriously though. I love the imagery here, the rhythm, the...the everything. Tis beautiful. You've done a very, very grand job with something that seems like it was painful at first. If you'll allow me to whip out my own metaphor, you've taken that hard bit of grit under your shell and turned it into a pearl.

I love your writing. Don't ever stop.
6/4/2009 c8 2Aurora Johnson
Brill poems - v arty and creative.

You're a good writer =P

And i'm not doing this for a review by the way!

I genuinely love your work - kind of refreshing.

Good poetry is always nice to find

Aurora x
11/23/2008 c2 233kelsi bones
wow.. i've been in a situation were this would have fit perfectly. amazing.

11/14/2008 c1 871no.peace.los.angeles
I love "silhouettes bleeding/together white." That is such a gorgeous image. Very experimental, fun styling here. I like it. Keep writing! :)
10/23/2008 c5 23english summer rain
the words literally traveled through my chest, i could feel it pulsing, and i am jealous how you can make me feel things just through words.
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