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for I'm Sorry

7/6/2008 c1 4e.brooks
Oh gosh.

That must feel terrible.

Sad to think we've all been there, or we're going there.

I'm gonna say this as humanly as possible, but if it's real, I hope everything turned out okai, or will turn out okai, but if it's fictional, it's so real, and I love it.


If you ever feel like a chat, message :]

7/6/2008 c1 5amaxo
If this is like...real, then cool, that's nice of you to make this whole letter thing, NOT SURE.

But if this is like a story thing, then MAN, is that a good intro. Why haven't i thought of something like that.

You have opened doors for me, man. One idea turns into a book of good ideas :)

But anyways, sorry if this is real...I'm an idiot


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