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4/24/2009 c3 2maydei
i love this idea. I'm an avid Holly Black reader, and the way you write this is beautiful and sensual the way her writing is. I love this style. Nameless is exquisite. I love how you write about him.

I enjoy this idea and would be interested in collaborating, but I can see that this story would take oodles of time and effort, and I'm not sure that our writing styles are compatible, but I love this. I really do. And I was also angry about the lack of CornyxLuis shipping. It made me sad long time.

Let me know! ^_^

(since I currently have no stories loaded on this account, since I just transferred over from , some minor examples are there listed under the same penname. Just to let you know.)
12/6/2008 c1 4Reine Ayten
I would try to cowrite Beneath and Beyond the Petticoats with you. It sounds like a very interesting story idea...
12/2/2008 c4 7xxSeptemberSandStormsxx
Wow you love Holly Black. ^^ Cool ideas though. x] I thought they were like intense treckies or summat when they kept on referring to him as "human" x]


12/2/2008 c3 xxSeptemberSandStormsxx
Oh wow. You know what this idea reminds me of? Ironside. And though Corny and Luis are an awesome couple. I don't completely hate Kaye and roiben. x]
11/28/2008 c3 5Crimsonoaks
I am very VERY interested in cowriting a gothic faerie tale. you can read some of the things i have posted on my site for a feel of my writing but i warn u, i wrote that years ago and i've definitely changed. Stil, i have a deep passion for faerie tales and so if ur still interested in doing this story/havent gotten a better offer, then respond.
10/7/2008 c1 12Amorelle

I'd like to co-write this with you. If, you already have one that's fine but if you're interested please PM me.

Also I don't have internet at home so I usually get on at my school in the morning or afternoon ^-^

Thank you,

9/13/2008 c1 AlwaysxDreaming
o i really like this story i think you should def co-write it, it would be bomb... hope to see it soon
8/23/2008 c4 3Loveless Breath
Which one's Delirium? The one in the ripped red, or the black?
8/6/2008 c4 Domini-kun
Is Delirium the one with gold wings? And can there be a female main character (besides the Queen?) No, I do not want a straight pairing. But I really want a female character, please?

Uhum. Ignore the ramblings. But this sounds cool! XD! ROCK ON! Yes, I'm completely mental. Isn't that sad? I mean, I have no ounce of sanity whatsoever. Really, really pathetic...
8/6/2008 c3 Domini-kun
How about when you write it it's in Nameless's point of view (he's telling the story) and when the co-writer tells it, it's in the third POV but his side of the story (we're watching a movie focusing on him)? Would that work? Besides that, this sounds mighty interesting! But I'd botch it up bad TT-TT
8/6/2008 c2 Domini-kun
Well, though I would botch the whole thing if I co-write this, I'd pick Zoe's POV. I couldn't bare to write the tortures of Axel's life, though it be very hilarious XD! Well... Good luck finding a co-writer! May it be someone fun!
8/6/2008 c1 Domini-kun
I like this idea! I mean, I wouldn't be able to cowrite properly (I'm lazy, not good at starting things, and... I suck XD) but I'd love to read this! And Blue is just so adorable! Hehehe, cross dressing! I do that all the time. :P! Well... I like this. Tell me when you found a Co-Writer!
7/22/2008 c4 3Abstruse Blue
oh i've been wanting to co-write something for a while now.

i like those first two ideas especially! hmm...
7/19/2008 c3 Handicapped Lie
You really like to include scenes that's related to food, huh? Haha. Not that it's a bad thing. But when I read you fics I either feel really hungry or I'm starving.
7/17/2008 c4 71Subbie
oh, I'd be interested in reading this, butt I don't think I could write something like this. and I'm almost done the next chapter of Blue, it should be done in a week or so.
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