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for You say I love you

7/7/2008 c1 142FELICIA-SPENCER
Aw such sweet sentiments. This poem is beautifully written and I think it pretty much defines what true love is. In most cases many people tell you that they will never get over their first true love. I think this is because once a person experiences that first feeling of being in love, their hearts are so overwhelmed with the sensation of it that it's not something that can be easily forgotten. So in a sense it always stays with you, and in some cases you'll find out that a lot of people will compare their current boyfriends/girlfriends to their very first love. Ah before I end up turning this review into an episode of Rikki Lake, I'll just end this by saying wonderful job as always. I just adored this.
7/7/2008 c1 Isca
"The only one worth the thought." Such a sweet line! :)
7/7/2008 c1 46Seven Rose
understandable... relatable.


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